Tattoosday: Tattooed People.

It’s weird to think that I’ve been a tattooed person for just over five years now. I get thrown-off when I see old photos of myself without the ink on my skin.  Was that really me? It may sound strange to some, but being tattooed feels completely natural.

It’s not that I want my body to be completely covered, no– I still appreciate the appearance of natural skin.  There’s just something beautiful to me about being able to adorn oneself this way.

Let’s be honest, though: There are some pretty shitty tattoos out there.  We’ve all seen them.  When I’m talking about tattoo culture, I’m not referring to people with flash up and down their arms, or barbed wire-style “tribal” tattoos or any of that bullshit.  Maybe those people find their tattoos meaningful, I’m not here to judge that.  But to me, they’re just people with tattoos. They’re not tattooed people.

Tattooed people are those who spend their time considering their body as a large canvass. They see their arms, their legs, their backs like pages of a scrap book.  They memorialize important people and events.  They honor their lives’ challenges and blessings.  They admire the beauty of shapes and color set against the folds of their bodies. They embark on a rite of passage.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, would you consider yourself to be a tattooed person?  If not, what do you think about tattoos and tattoo culture?


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5 responses to “Tattoosday: Tattooed People.

  1. Quinn

    I am for sure a tattooed person! I find myself thinking about new ways I can adorn my body, and what each design means. Sometimes my walllet doesn’t match my aspirations, but that is a good thing! It means that I have more space on my body throughout my life to cover. Most of my tattoos are to commemorate important people in my life, like my mom and dad, and my dog!

    • Quinn

      The idea comes first and then I think about where would be a good location. I seriously chose the back of my neck for my dog Ruby’s tattoo (of a ruby gem) because of Sam Adama’s character on Caprica! I really love his bitchin’ neck tattoos. Though I couldn’t be so daring as to put a tattoo on the side of my neck, so I settled for the more acceptable nape of the neck! What about you?

  2. Valerie

    Hello Ms. Sara,

    interesting question, I don’t know that I ever thought about it that way. I want to say that I am tattooed person, my ladybug has special meaning to me and symbolizes my Ava, but I don’t know that I see my entire body as a canvas. I do want another one, though I need to put some thought into it. So I don;t know if that makes a tattooed person or a person with a tattoo. probably the latter.

    In terms of the tattoo world, I think it amazing that people can express themselves by using their body as the canvas. I think it is beautiful.

    Love you 😀

  3. Kandie

    I’ve only got the one tattoo for the moment, but i think if i had the money and/or lower quality standards id be a tattooed person. For now i suppose im an aspiring tattooed person

  4. Matt

    Art is thinking of getting a tattoo. He’s friends with a guy who does them; the guy is covered in tattoos! He is actually a pretty funny guy; you’d probably like him.

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