“Literary” spotlight: The Game

So, I’ve been reading a book chosen for me by… Well I’ll call him Boy George until he shares what he’d like to be called.  Anyway, Boy George gave me this book the other day, and I have to say: I’m hooked.

This “stunning tale of power and passion” is The Game, by Brenda Joyce. You may or may not be surprised to know that I am reading this story set “against a rich Elizabethan tapestry” quite seriously.  So seriously that I’ve decided it’s important to share it with each of you.

I hope you enjoy this image-heavy post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. My apologies for the low picture quality. I’ll make improvements as I continue the story. Onward!

England, Whitehall: 1562

“Your majesty this truce is important!”
“These dudes are weird, don’t trust them.”
“I’m Liam and I’m lying.”
“Blah blah Gaelic blah Irish.”

“Dad you’re lame, I’ll kill you someday!”
“I’ll do what I want! Gaelic.”

Flash forward to Normandie: 1571

“OMG Abbess, please let me leave the convent. My dad would NEVER leave me here this long on purpose.”
“Katherine, I will let you go even though I shouldn’t since your dad is locked up by the Queen. But I won’t tell you that so you can find out from a forceful pirate later. Praise Jesus.”

“Juliet, it’s so nice of you to take me on this trip with your men and whoever’s ship this is.”

“Oh it’s no problem, Katherine! I’m bubbly and 15 years old!”

“Great. Let’s sleep.”


“OMG, Juliet! Pirates!”

“Yar! We’re Irish pirates! To the captain wit ye!”


“I’m the captain and I’m manhandling you because you’re pretty. To my quarters wit ye!”


Captain’s quarters: “I’m LIAM (duh duh duhhhh) and I will have my way with you whether you like it or not, but I won’t hurt you. Oh yeah, your dad has been charged with treason.”


“Yes. But I’m still going to have my way with you. That’s hot, right?”


“Whatever. You’re like a mare that needs training. I don’t want to break you, Katherine. But don’t worry:  I won’t hurt you.”

Stay tuned for the next riveting pages of, THE GAME.


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  1. Miss Danger

    Have you thought about starting your own abridged book series? You could call it “Dumpling’s Diaries”. A new, illustrated, kind of Cliff’s Notes. It would be a good career move.

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