“Literary” Spotlight: The Game (Part 2)

I’m sure it’s hard to believe, but it’s time for another “Literary” Spotlight!  Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m recapping The Game by Brenda Joyce.

To read the first installment, go to my post “Literary” Spotlight: The Game.”

A very image-heavy post is after the cut. As usual: Sorry for the low picture quality. My focus was on the ART, you see…

Liam: “I’m now going to tell you a bunch of useless information about your father and the Queen so you can get upset and I can try to make the moves on you.”

Katherine: “No!”

Liam: “I am vexed. Let me bed you!”

Katherine: “No!”

Liam: “Katherine, I am your fate. How can I convince you of that?”

Katherine: ” Prove that my father’s ransom is impossible.”

Liam: “SO BE IT.”

Nearly 100 pages now pass with lots of useless info and this:

Liam: “Katherine, I am your fate. Let’s do it.”

Katherine: “No!”

Rinse. Repeat.

Finally we get to this: “She moaned and thrashed.”

Me: “That’s more like it!”

Katherine (after the moaning and thrashing): “I’m a whore.”

Me: “Huh?”

Liam: “No way! Besides: I want to do it. I WANT YOU.”

Katherine: “But I don’t want YOU. I want Hugh.”

(Confusing, no?)

Me: “Huh?”

Liam: “The dude you were betrothed to when you were 15 and you figured he’s been dead for like, 6 years?”

Katherine: “Yes! I ♥ him ever SO MUCH.”

Me: “Humph. Bored now.”


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  1. crazylisa

    I love you. This is amazing.!

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