Tattoosday Tattoo Story: J-Ri!

Howdy, J-Ri! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I love scifi and extra dirty martinis, and if I can have both at the same time…life is pretty damn good.  I am a Bellinghamster and probably will be for the foreseeable future.  Uh, random fact…I have over 30 figurines in my office that include unicorns named Freedom and Commi, Luke Skywalker, multiple cylons and Tinky Winky.

Have you always had tattoo dreams, or did the tattoo bug catch you by surprise?
I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time.  I knew that I wanted to get one but wasn’t sure quite what I wanted.  I glad that I waited until I was completely sure.

J-Ri under the needle.

J-Ri under the needle. Photo credit: A. Holodnick

What tattoo would you like to share a story about? Describe it a bit for us: What was the process you went through for deciding to get this tattoo?  What shop did you go to, and who was your artist?  What part of your body is your tattoo on, etc.
Peacock feathers have always been beautiful to me.  It wasn’t until one of my friends passed along a photo of a gorgeous peacock feather on the inside of a forearm that I realized that was what I wanted.  I knew that I didn’t want one feather or the whole bird but there weren’t many examples out there of other designs.  So I kept thinking about it…for quite a while actually.  Once I decided that I wanted it on my back having the three feathers fell into place.  Deciding on who and where to get it was pretty simple.  A friend (who you all might know as dumpling) was in the process of getting a kick ass sleeve from Steve at Old School in Bellingham.  I had gone and hung out during a few of her sessions and knew that Steve would do an awesome job. I was not disappointed.

How did you choose between color or no color?
Mine, color was kind of a no brainer.  For me the beauty of peacock feathers comes from the vibrant colors.

What was the experience of getting the tattoo like for you? Painful? Freeing?
It was painful but manageable for most of the time.  I do have to thank my friend who came in towards the end of my tattoo when I was about ready to lose it.  I think that she saw that I wasn’t really doing so well and to take the edge off she told the story of her doctor lancing a boil in a precarious spot.  Needless to say it took my mind off of the pain and the need to pass out.

What do you tell people when they ask about the meaning of your tattoo? Is that a question you like to answer?
It’s weird but most people don’t ask me this question.  They’ll say that it’s beautiful or something along those lines but never really ask the meaning.  I am not sure why.  And honestly, I don’t really tell people anyway so it works out.

How did friends/family react to your tattoo? Were their potential reactions something you considered before getting your tattoo?
I knew that my family would have certain…reactions.  Tattoos are, can we say, not their thing.  My freshman year of college I got my tongue pierced.  My mom and stepdad’s reaction was “Well at least you didn’t get a tattoo,” and my dad’s reaction was “Why couldn’t you just get a small, tasteful tattoo?”  I would like to think my tattoo is tasteful but it is not small.  My family reacted like I THOUGHT they would but it didn’t factor into my decision-making process.  I did do some thinking how I would let them know, though.

Have you had any issues with showing your tattoos in certain situations (at work, etc.)?  How does that make you feel?
I feel lucky at not having to hide my tattoo at work.  I work at a place that in the past few years has changed their visible tattoo policy from none to below the neck with supervisor approval.  It isn’t perfect but it is good to see the evolution the longer I work there.  I am also surrounded by some pretty amazing tatted up ladies at work. My hope is that we are helping people understand that tattoos have nothing to do with how well you do your work.

J-Ri in Hawaii

J-Ri in Hawaii

Many thanks to J-Ri for sharing her excellent tattoo story!

Would you like to share your tattoo story?  Email us at admin (at) aintnothin (dot) com, and we’ll send you our super special interview!




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  1. I adore you Jen Rice and your lovely tat!

  2. Lovely! The pictures are amazing!

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