“Literary” Spotlight: The Game (Part 3)

It’s that time again, y’all.  Are you ready to continue the amazing saga that is The Game? I hope you’re dazzled by the images below the cut…

Liam O’Neill: Fine. I’ll take you to see Hugh Barry.
Katherin: OMG! I ❤ him ever-so-much!

Liam O’Neil, acting as Katherine’s escort, takes her to Castle Barry to see Hugh.

Hugh:  Katherine- is it really you?

Katherine: Oh yes, Hugh. It’s me!


Liam: Grumble.

Hugh: Let’s eat!

Katherine: Oh Hugh! I ❤ you, my betrothed!
Hugh: Uhhh…

Katherine: What’s wrong?

Hugh: Well, you see, when you lost your title I had our betrothal annulled.

Katherine: WHAT?

Hugh: Uh, heh. Maybe we should speak in private.

Liam: Grumble.

Hugh: I mean, it’s nothing personal, Katherine. I’m betrothed to someone else now. And since you’re utterly alone I figured maybe, y’know, you’d like to, uh… Stay here.

Katherine: WHAT?

Hugh: Girl, you’re super hot. C’mon. Let’s do it.  You could be my mistress. I’m sure my wife-to-be will be totally cool with it. 

Katherine: MEN. What is it with you? I’m here stayin’ all chaste ‘n shit so I can find a husband and all y’all are treatin’ me like some Jezebel. I’m a LADY!

Liam: Hey Katherine, what’s up?

Katherine: I HATE YOUR FACE! GAH!!!


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