Tattoosday: Introducing Crazy Lisa

I had an excellent time interviewing the lovely Crazy Lisa of The Spice Pantry about her tattoos and their stories (you’ll see an interview transcript and audio clips next week!).  Lisa is just starting out as a blogger, and she is a fellow crafter, nerd, tattooed lady and all-around awesome person.

I know that you’ll love Crazy Lisa just as much as I do.  Why?  Well, just read what she has to say about herself:

Follower of Ain’t Nothin and lover of glitter, flowers, bright colors, free time and noises.  I daydream about: having a dog, owning a home, and making music.  I’m 82% northwesterner which means my surrounding culture prefers politeness over frankness, I love rain and green, wear shorts when it’s 60 degrees, and can’t live without my coffee.  I’m 8% orangecountyite which means I say “like” tooo much and would wear flip-flops year-round if it weren’t so slippy to walk in them in the rain and so cold in the snow.  I’m 10% rural-pennsylvania-dutch which means I love outlaw-country, can’t resist butter, and my heart-beat is a polka-beat.

Amazing, right?  Also, look how sexy she is!

Our interview meandered through:

  • The history of Crazy Lisa’s tattoos
  • Connection (or lack thereof) to certain pieces and how that’s changed over time and how natural/unnatural certain tattoos feel
  • How fat woman are denied femininity
  • How to reconcile your desire/ownership of tattoos with family members, workplace acceptance (or lack thereof), etc.
  • What tattoos (and our process for coming up with them) say about our personalities

I hope you’ll take a look at Crazy Lisa’s blog The Spice Pantry, and I also hope that you’ll come back next Tuesday when I post the first segment of our interview together!



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