Cocktail: Rum & Coke Float

I apologize.

There are no photos to go with this post. No witty anecdotes or stories. Just a recipe for a delicious drink that’ll make you feel like you run a naughty malt shoppe.

Sara’s Rum & (Cherry) Coke Float
2 ounces spiced rum (I used The Kraken)
6 ounces Cherry Coke
A nice big scoop o’ vanilla ice cream (I used Tillamook)

Plop the scoop of ice cream into a large glass. Stir the rum and cola together in another vessel (e.g. a measuring cup), and gently pour the mixture over the ice cream. It’ll get frothy, so remember to pour slowly. Sip, slurp and enjoy!


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One response to “Cocktail: Rum & Coke Float

  1. So delicious. T’was like middle school all over again!

    This concoction is definitely better when not heavy on the rum.

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