Interview with Crazy Lisa, Part One

Here is the lo-fi phone recording of the first part of my interview & discussion with Crazy Lisa of The Spice Pantry (squeaky chair, phone notifications, big laughs, art studio echoes and all).

Fair warning: This is a frank interview including bad language. Don’t listen if you can’t handle it, you dig?

Part One: Lisa walks us through the events that led her to her first tattoo, how it became her “gateway drug” to more tattoos, and how the meaning of her tattoo has deepened over the years. Discussion includes: Gutter punks and totem animals.

Crazy Lisa’s Ankh tattoo.




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2 responses to “Interview with Crazy Lisa, Part One

  1. PS Did I tell you about how when KC was taking that picture I kept complaining that it was FUZZY?! I think I said something like “come on it’s a 12 megapixel camera! Make it focus!!!” and KC said something like… “listen, those are your PORES… face it, your tattoo is like, 10 years old… IT’S FUZZY!” Hahaha!

  2. DDP

    Dang, I really want to listen to this now, but I’m at work! Should I risk it? Hmm….

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