Dragon Age 2: My Journey So Far

So I finally got Dragon Age 2.  This process involved running through the mall four days after it was actually released – it took me that long to get some free time to even go and purchase it.  I’m pretty sure the girl who helped me out thought I was nutso as I was anxiously shaking like a hungry addict.  I’ve spent the past two days playing it religiously and I’m pretty sure I’m at least halfway through.  IT’S AWESOME.  I’m going to try my best to not spoil you but below are some of my favorite screen shots from my journeys thus far through Kirkwall.

This game has THE COOLEST fight sequences. It's literally a world of different from Origins. I loved Origins but this game is just downright cool looking. This was one of my favorite captures as it caught one of the crazy kicks my character likes to whip out. Also, how badass is that mask I'm wearing? Gah. The clothes in this game are BOMB. The armor looks different and it's much easier to sort out the junk when I really only have to worry about armor for my individual character.

This was one of my favorite captures from the Deep Roads (mostly because it's really pretty in the Thaig.) That's me in the front with my party close behind as we're unsheathing our weapons to fight the spawn of evil. I love the variety in our scenery. Have I mentioned how cool this game looks? The environments have never been boring for me aside from the minor glitches where I end up on a map or quest that I had already done. That gets old. But overall, I've been impressed with the graphics.

These are my peeps. I love love love the fact that I can have a party full of my powerful lady friends! It is also awesome and I can make them all fall in love with me. It's like true life, y'know? It's how it happens. But for reals, this stance they are in was completely natural. The game automatically has my players work and fight together when they do melee attacks. In other words, this is their fight formation. Clearly I'm the freak of the bunch with that imperial mask on. EMOTIONLESS. How DID I get so fly? Speaking of emotionless, I think it's funny that Isabella on the left there has an arrow stuck in her arm and still maintains the stoic warrior face. Hot. As a side note, it's a shame you can't see Merrill in this picture - she was doing some impressive spellcasting in the background while we were standing here looking cool.

Uh...this happened. And it kind of took me by surprise. Did not see it coming. But, I slayed a dragon, yo.

This is just another example of the freakin cool moves. I pull this one out of my back pocket quite often. Anytime an enemy isn't within my blades reach, I seriously fly through the air at them. I caught about 500 other photos like the one above but this was the best one I could get. The leap happens so quickly you almost miss it so this was taken in real time. Another point I wanted to mention in this photo was the control bar at the bottom. I really like the set-up of attacks and found that once I got used to it - I liked it better that Origins. You'll also notice there is a heal and stamina button on the side there. SO convenient.

I'm including this last photo because I wanted to demonstrate once more how much I liked the scenery in this game. It's just pretty. My character is in the middle there with the awesome hip push out to one side. Speaking of, I also really like that you can really make your character look like you. I didn't spend a ton of time working on my character so we don't look....very much alike at all. But I find that she's incredibly more relatable because of that feature.

I’ve made it more than halfway through the game and have been pursuing one of the characters solidly.  Can you guess who it is?  As I continue to play, start different games, and make different choices – I will be able to provide you with a more detailed account of my efforts on that front.  Right now, I’ve only pursued one person.  However, all of my relationships are going to be gay ones.  Isn’t awesome that I can do that?  Thanks, Bioware!


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