Dragon Age: Dragons, Leliana Falls In Love With Me, and Kicking Butt

Hello world.  I’m trying to keep my updates and adventure diaries as non-spoilerish as possible.  But, avert your eyes if you do not wish to see scenery or enemies that you may or may not encounter in Dragon Age.  On with the show!

This picture is one of my favorites for a number of reasons. One, can you see what slumbers up on the cliff there? Yes, 'TIS A DRAGON. A dragon in Dragon Age, crazeballs! That dragon definitely scared the crap out of me, my party ran for the hills in a cut scene and I thought I was going to have to fight it...luckily that didn't happen. I tiptoed past unnoticed. Also, I wanted to point out my AWESOME armor and weapons here, isn't my dwarven blade really cool? It's made from red steel. Thank you, I knew you'd like it.

It turns out I really enjoy playing as a rogue and an enormous part of that is using dual weapons. I love using dual weapons - I don't know why. But one of my favorite moves is the dual weapon sweep (appropriately) and I finally captured an insanely awesome screenshot of my dwarf executing this move. My team was fighting a ruthless group of Bandits who were burdening the city of Denerim with their evilyness evil ways. Mostly, I just look super cool doing this move. Hope you're mega jealous.

This was on one of my main quests. As you can see we are in the 'caverns' - vague, I know. But what I love about this shot is that my character and Alistair are clearly enjoying the victory of defeating an enemy, whilst little Dragonlings are ready to attack. Look at that one behind Alistair, it's like Jurassic Park. That Velociraptor is about to make a meal out of him. Shoot haaaa. SHOOT HAAAA. Also, I love that you can see Leliana in the background fighting like three of these on her own and she has the worst armor out of anyone. SHE'S SO BRAVE.

You got me, Dragon Age. After fighting a rather large pack of wolves and having Leliana shout 'TRAP STRAIGHT AHEAD!' five billion times...I found this sign. The other sign says, 'Beware of traps'. You can see the large pile of wolf skeletons in the background along with a load of traps on the ground. It's really sad to watch your party members get caught in these. Although, they are pretty bad ass to walk straight away from these bear traps back into battle. At any rate, thanks for the heads up.

And last but certainly not least - I finally succeeded in romancing Leliana. I thought this was the perfect picture to capture the raw, carnal desire she feels for my character. It's rather funny that the time this finally worked was with my homely dwarf. Good to know.


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