Dragon Age: Orzammar, High Dragons and DA 2 Review

First and foremost, I played the Dragon Age 2 demo and I’m fully ready to share some screenshots from that with you.  In short, it was awesome.  In other news, it’s been a little while since my last Dragon Age update.  I must confess I haven’t shared many of my recent exploits because I kept starting new origin stories and therefore playing through the same levels.  Sadly, I still haven’t beaten the game yet because of this.  However my rogue, noble dwarf is turning out to be my best character and I’ve been working on getting her to the end of the game.  (I’m almost there.)   So the first half of my updates include my favorite scenes from my most recent trip through Orzammar and on the Sacred Ashes quest.

Slaughtering the darkspawn broodmother. Yes. It is completely necessary for it to happen this way. I've made the broodmother my pony and she's GOING DOWN.

Orzammar is a great place.  At first, I hated it.  Long tunnels of nothing but darkspawn and ugly rocks.  But, it turns out the Deep Roads have the most interesting story for me.  The dwarves are continually fighting off darkspawn (despite the oncoming Blight) and you’re chasing a paragon named Branka deep into this underground labyrinth.  Branka’s a little insane in the membrane .  The picture above is a little spoilery considering this is one of the last bosses you have to beat before confronting Branka but is by far THE CREEPIEST in the game.  I mentioned this in a previous post and here’s your proof.  Click here to learn more about Broodmothers.  The creepy poem whispered by Branka’s gay lover is located there too.  *Shudder*

Look carefully and you will see Alistair being hurled through the air. He was just thrown from the High Dragon's mouth. Yeah. This just looked so bad ass I had to share.

I ended up letting Leliana take the kill and got some cool screenshots of that but for the purposes of space will spare you that detail.  This is the coolest picture I got of the high dragon looking all smug.  It took a long time but I got quite a few awesome things from this lady including some rockin’ armor.

I’ve made it to the Landsmeet with my original character but am hoping to get there with Hieratic very soon.  I’ll keep you updated as to whether I save the world or not.  Try back later.


Flemeth! And she's lookin' much cooler here. Plus, I'm super hot, right? Totally.

 My recap of this demo is going to be all over the place – no rhyme or reason.  So first, I’d like to point out the graphics in this game.  SO AWESOME.  Cut scenes and fight scenes are a world of different from their predecessor.  Everything moves faster.  The story set-up is different.  It seems more fable-esque this time around but cooler.  The controls are different and I had a hard time figuring out how to move everyone at the same time or access stuff.  I’m pretty sure this was purely because it was a demo and most of my inventory etc was intentionally inaccessible.  But I did get a chance to see the differences in character interactions and leveling up.  (It’s nice to have the emotion wheel now to let me know that yes, I am indeed being super nice to people and not sarcastic.)  I saw enough to know that I can deal with and kind of enjoy some of the changes.

Killing a Templar. Like a boss.

I needed to share this simply to show you my character’s face.  In the previous game your character just had a creepy, emotionless face in response to everything that happens.  “Oh your parents died, that’s so sad.” (insert indifferent face)  “I love you so much, you’re my everything.” (insert indifferent face) Clearly here, even in the cutscene – there’s some raw emotion happening.  I snapped this shot in particular because I was so impressed there was actually some feeling reflected in her face.  Praise the lawd.  AND A VOICE.  She has a voice!  And it’s not a sexy voice.  It’s a normal voice.  Plus, as a complete side note – the bodies of these ladies are varied.  I really enjoy the fact that my character didn’t have enormous breasts hanging out.  In fact, she’s pretty well covered up and in my humble opinion – that’s much sexier.

You guys. I can't stand how badass I look. Look at those daggers. I'm a rogue, biatch.

In Dragon Age: Origins the fighting was pretty slow.  The fighting sequences in this game are not only a million times faster – they look AWESOME.  My character was doing back flips, flying leaps, and slicing up a storm.  I literally caught this screenshot in the middle of some movement.  It feels like they did their homework…at least a little bit.  Plus, I seriously can’t wait to romance people in this game.  It looks really promising.

Overall, I’m pumped to play Dragon Age 2 and get the opportunity to customize my character etc.  It was insanely fun.  If you haven’t checked out the demo yet, I suggest you do.  The graphics are awesome – did I say that already?  I hadn’t pre-ordered my copy yet but I think I’m going to go do that right now.  Sold.


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