Flashback Games: Dinosaur Adventure

Flashback Games – Dinosaur Adventure
Jan 26, 2011 Ain’t Nothin’ Blog

When I was younger, I was lucky enough to have a family computer at home.  So, from the time I knew how to use a computer, I loved computer games.  In particular I loved educational video games many of which I was introduced to at school.  Fortunately, I’m cool enough to still find a lot of joy from these games and would still play them after all these years.   I want to share that joy with you.  So, for my first installment of ‘flashback games’ – I’d like to introduce you to “Dinosaur Adventure”.

Matching Game - I remember it being much bigger...

Dinosaur Adventure features three main game options.  The first involves matching dinosaur pictures to their names.  This was particularly useful in pronouncing and spelling dinosaur names right.  This was how I learned the differences between an Apatosaurus and a Brachiosaurus and grew to love my now favorite dinosaur, the Parasaurolophus (down on the lower right in the picture).

The second game option was the ability to watch video clips of dinosaurs fighting in slow motion which was pretty high tech for the time on a DOS.  (And also epically AWESOME.)  Unfortunately, you never saw if the stegosaurus beat the tyrannosaurus rex.  They were forever entwined in a battle hovering close to each other, readying themselves to strike but never touching each other.  I like to believe the Stegosaurus won.  You can see the raw intensity in the picture below.  Look at the mist.  Look at the determination.  Bravery, my friends.

An Epic Battle Between Good and Evil.

And last, the third was the ability to search on a globe and click on ‘hot spots’ to find out about dino history.  I didn’t like that one very much.  It wasn’t a game. haha

Essentially Dinosaur Adventure shouldn’t have been called an adventure at all since it was more of a glorified dinosaur encyclopedia.  Despite it being a poorly masked educational tool for kids, I found a lot of joy in it.  In fact, I think my little, easily-influenced brain at the time took in all the dinosaur info like one might take in a foreign language.  I still remember much of what I learned and have a strong interest in dinosaurs and their history.

If you’re interested in trying out this game, I think it’s available for download online.  Also, you can find a lot of videos from the later sequels that were featured in 3d.

Anyone else remember this game?


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