Flashback Games: Disney’s Aladdin (Genesis Version)

When my family first moved to my hometown, we lived in a house that was situated behind a restaurant and across from a motel. We were in the middle of downtown and needless to say, there weren’t an enormous number of friends to be had. However, there was a girl named Frosty who lived at the motel with her grandparents and she would come over and play quite a bit. She was a couple years younger than me but we had fun playing pogs, eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches, using the natural orange scented spray in her bathroom, and biking around outside. We were tight.

One incredibly awesome thing that Frosty and I always got to play with was her Sega Genesis. I mean, this was state of the art at the time. And I love video games. (OMG who would’ve guessed?!) And as I was reflecting on our many gaming sessions, I got to thinking about the game, Aladdin. We played it so often and it was SO HARD. I think we always got stuck (and angry at each other) in the Cave of Wonders. That’s the lava level with the magic carpet. Who knows why video game developers create these IMPOSSIBLE levels for children to work through. Whatever.

I always am amazed when people can just whip this crap out like it’s nothing. So, today you get a 20 minute video of someone ripping Disney’s Aladdin a new one in a way I never could. That sounds weird. But you know what I mean.

http://dl.speeddemosarchive.com/mediaplayer.swfIsn’t your life all the richer now? I wonder what Frosty’s doing now…


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