Flashback Games: Museum Madness

This will change your life.

When I was in the 6th grade, my teacher introduced us to the wonder and magic of Museum Madness.  I’m sure she rued the day she ever brought it to school as we were like ravenous, rabid dogs when we played that game.  There were always at least five kids crowded around the one poor student who was lucky enough to actually be playing.  We barked orders and answers to everything that even now,  I wonder how anyone played it in class without hating life.  I never had enough time with it.  I was always left feeling unsatisfied with an insatiable hunger for more.

Luckily, my teacher knew the insane obsession I had for Museum Madness and allowed me to bring it home and load in on my family’s computer.  It was life changing.  I’ve always known I’ve had an obsessive personality, but museum madness easily combined my interests in trivia, puzzles, and adventure games.  To give you a little backgound:

You’re a homely kid named Max with an insane mullet and a robot as your only friend.  Your favorite hang-out is the local museum and you log on-line to check the National Museum Interactive Service System to learn really awesome facts.  After logging in, you get a message from your robot friend that something CRAZY is happening at the museum.  Instead of calling the authorities, you decide that as an 8 year old you are completely qualified to investigate the bizarre occurrences affecting the exhibits since you are the only one who can understand your robot friend.  Yeah.  So you head over to the museum – it says it’s closed for repairs.

The basement. It's dumb. And ugly.

But you don’t give up here you go around back, down some stairs into a dark entry way and break into the museum basement.  From here you spend an insane amount of time finding keys to open doors where there are other keys that open other doors that have keys in them.  It’s stupid.  You can press escape to skip it and go straight to the museum.  (It’s like they knew this was dumb and that any self-respecting 6th grader would get fed up and punch the screen.)

Once inside, you find your robot has gone haywire and you have to reboot his program because you’re a FREAKING GENIUS.  Once done, you set out on a journey fixing all the exhibits that have gone terrifyingly downhill.  (In one room you can accidentally electrocute yourself and die by trying to cut rope out of a fan while the fan is on.  Point taken, Museum Madness.  I will NEVER do that.)  With your robot companion by your side, you travel through space and time solving puzzles that sometimes I still don’t understand.  Does Max save the museum and apparently the world from robot takeover?  You’ll have to play to find out.

Overall, this game was awesome and has major re-playability.  I still enjoy it and have continued to enjoy it as an adult.  The information shared in the game is very thorough and even relevant to adults.  Because it features such a wide range of information, there’s literally something for everyone in the exhibits.  If you’re into puzzles and don’t want to be hampered by a time limit or things attacking you, this is an excellent choice.  Especially if you like trivia.  If you’re looking to play this game, go here.  You’ll find the download and a great review of this game.  As a warning, you may become obsessed and play it through in a day.  However, the level where you have to complete an insanely hard slider puzzle will make you hate yourself and me.  Please don’t hold it against me.


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