Game Recommendation: Bloxorz

So, once upon a time I worked in an elementary school. Part of my job duties included supervising and organizing activities for a before school program. The hip thing for kiddos to do in the mornings was play cool math games on the computer. At first, these were the bane of my existence because it was almost impossible to get students to do anything BUT play them. (Eventually we moved away from that.) However, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and try out their most recent craze, Bloxorz.

The aim of Bloxorz is to get a rectangular block to fall into a square hole at the end of each stage. There are 33 stages to complete. The concept is pretty simple but it gets consistently more difficult as you progress.

Holy crap you guys. I became addicted. Not only did I become addicted, part of me became silently competitive with even the most average 6th grade gamer. Eventually beating the game, I felt very smug coming into work watching the children struggle. (This is probably why I wasn’t meant to work in an elementary school?) As they hopelessly rolled their block off the edge or around in circles in vain, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. Competitive? Absolutely. I think I have a problem. At any rate, I did help them complete different levels providing tips and strategies without actually solving it for them. (See I’m not TOTALLY heartless.) But, it’s seriously a game for all ages. I dare you to try it.

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Addicted yet? Don’t get frustrated and give up. It’s incredibly satisfying when you finish. (That’s what SHE said.)


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