I AM So Excited, Jessie Spano

Jessie Spano was one of the main characters on the teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. She was part of the core group of friends at Bayside High School and was totally smart but had a crazy neurotic streak. The set-up for this scene is that Jessie was feeling weighed down by school and social pressures so she was taking caffeine pills to BE A MOTHER EFFIN’ MACHINE. Oh, isn’t she just perfect. It’s kind of ridiculous how often I think of this clip from Saved by the Bell. Gets me every time.


I know this isn’t completely gay related, but I’m pretty sure I had a big old crush on her. She was tall, she had curly hair, she believed in something. Jessie was totally liberal and was known for her feminist views. She really shook things up dating good ol’ AC Slater but personally I think she and Lisa would have been an interesting power couple. Fan fiction anyone?

Okay, okay fine. Let’s be honest. All I can really think of when I see Elizabeth Berkley is her….unforgettable performance in Showgirls. She really does burn when she dances.

In line with the theme of my life (AND THIS BLOG) – I give you the kiss between Nomi and Cristal from Showgirls. It was completely unnecessary, gratuitous, and cheesy. Funny enough, it doesn’t even spoil anything in the movie.

Just so you all know, I go in that slow for the kiss every time. Now go watch Showgirls so your image of Jessie Spano can be ruined FOREVER.


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