Lesbian Movies: I Can’t Think Straight

I loved this movie. I was surprised by how much I loved this movie. In fact, most lesbian films are pretty cheesy and over the top. But every once in awhile, a movie comes along that you can really enjoy as the story and acting are up to par. I Can’t Think Straight definitely captured my interest right away.

: 2008
Genre: Drama, Romance, Lesbians Eating Food Together, Lesbians Dancing
Runtime: 80 minutes of “I’m gay!” “I’m getting married.” “I need my parents’ approval!” “I don’t need my parents’ approval.”  And kissing and stuff.
IMDB Rating: 6 out of 10 because sometimes people who aren’t lesbians watch this movie.  You need your lesbo goggles.  Easy 10/10 with lesbo-vision.

Summary: Well, if you watch the trailer you essentially get the whole story. It shouldn’t ruin it for you, though. Lesbians are never boring. YOU HEAR ME? But essentially, there are two girls. One is getting married, the other one knows her boyfriend isn’t really right for her. They start to develop feelings for each other, hijinks ensue. Well, not hijinks. Really awful personal conflict and heartache. Same thing, right?

Who’s in it? Sheetal Sheth and Lisa Ray. They both are gorgeous women who do a fine job acting this one out. They also have pretty eyes. (I thought about cropping out pictures of their eyes and including them below but decided that was too creepy. Even for me.)

On a scale of one to impossible lesbian angst: This movie gets an even five. There’s enough angst to keep you committed, but it’s not overpowering or depressing. Their flirty glances at each other are enough to carry you through.

But how realistically “lesbian” is it? About as realistic as any romance movie is. So you know, not realistic at all. However, the two actresses have some great chemistry and all their more intimate scenes are well done. Plus their conversations, struggles, and relationships through the movie aren’t an embarrassment to lesbians everywhere so that’s a step in the right direction. But in all seriousness, this movie is totally a love story.

Should you watch this or Top Gun? Well that depends, are you a gay dude or are you a gay lady? Gay dudes will probably choose Top Gun. I mean, come on. Have you seen this? I imagine if you’re a gay lady this might be a toss up. Airplanes or lesbians. After a long thought out discussion with yourself weighing the pros and cons, the inevitable choice will be that you should watch this. If not, shame on you. Airplanes can’t give you sweet lady kisses.

Final Verdict? It’s awesome. Go watch it. Right now. I’m serious. It’s on Netflix. (You’re welcome, Netflix.)




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4 responses to “Lesbian Movies: I Can’t Think Straight

  1. I LOVE this movie! It’s one of my favourites… along with Imagine me & You and Saving Face.

    • Meghann

      Word. This movie really surprised me actually. I used to be pretty pessimistic when it came to watching lesbian movies but I’ve done enough sifting through the not-so-great ones to find some real quality out there. 🙂

      • I have a nice collection of “happy ending” lesbian movies. If you ever want to do a column on that, we can talk. Speaking of endings, did you watch the second season of “Exes & Ohs”?

  2. Meghann

    I did not – I only read the recaps of it!
    And my lesbian movie watching is less about finding happy endings (even though that’s been a real issue) but also finding lesbian movies that don’t suck….haha

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