Lesbian TV: Dr. Lauren Lewis from Lost Girl

Have you heard of Lost Girl? If not, you probably will soon. After spending countless nights finding copies of the series online and watching them over and over again, the hit Canadian series is finally coming to SyFy. Good thing I don’t have that channel. *Facepalm* But ask anyone about Lost Girl that’s talked to me about it and they’ll probably tell you to stop talking. (ie Sara) When it was on, I was obsessed. And get ready friends, it’s coming back in the fall and you’ll be bombarded with more lezzie talk than you can deal with. Cue evil laughter.

First and foremost, Lost Girl is a really good show outside of the girl-girl storyline. Miss Danger gives me a hard time accusing me of only watching things with lesbian characters. She’s not too far off base, but this really has so much more than that. There’s danger, intrigue, and lots of sexy good times for everyone! But lez be honest, the real thing I want to talk about is Dr. Lauren Lewis. I love me some Bo but Lauren takes the cake.

Dont' ask me why I chose this screen cap? I just love her outfit here. Oh and her hair too. Serious face FTW.

Why you ask?

  • She’s a rule follower. Now I know that opposites attract and all, but I’m also a heavy rule follower and I adore that about Lauren. We are not too certain as to Lauren’s motivations, but we know she is indebted/in servitude to the Ash. Therefore, Lauren does whatever the Ash wishes of her and she seems to believe in his message and master plan.
  • She’s not afraid to risk it all. Lauren loves Bo. She has shown that she’s willing to DIE numerous times for her. Example one, Lauren was completely ready to get intimate with Bo before Bo knew if she could control her powers. (Bo is a succubus and up to this point has left a trail of dead bodies from her deadly kisses.) But you know, Lauren could’ve also just been really ready to get it on. Example two, Lauren defied the Ash by helping Bo discover her powers. And again, even though he used this against her – Lauren continued to help Bo behind the Ash’s back even up to the season finale.
  • She’s mysterious. Lauren is straight forward about her feelings for Bo but her past is incredibly ambiguous. We don’t know why the Ash literally OWNS Lauren. We don’t know what keeps her indebted to him and what that specifically means.
  • She fights for what she wants. Lauren makes sure to tell Bo what she thinks of Dyson. She doesn’t like him although she doesn’t try to tell Bo what she needs to do. Lauren understands Bo. She clearly gets that Bo can’t be monogamous and is okay with that.

Top 3 Things that Made me Love Dr. Lauren

The Bar Scene

This was like their first date. I mean, what kind of doctor takes their patient out to a bar to test drive their super seductive powers? She clearly had an ulterior motive that became clear later on in the evening. And by later on in the meeting, I mean about three minutes in. Lauren’s confidence here is what made me love her even more. Bo is hot. Bo is a freaking succubus who can have whoever she wants but Lauren doesn’t let that stop her. Let me share just a small sample of their incredibly flirtatious conversations with each other. The set-up is that Bo can read people’s attraction.

Lauren: What about me? Right now?
Bo: What about keeping this professional?
Lauren: Well, call it scientific curiosity.
Bo: Okay. Well … you are definitely curious…
Bo: … I’m not so sure it’s entirely scientific…

It sounds cheesy but the amount of eye sex between these two is insane. I was sold. Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk are amazing. Lauren even tried to go in for the kiss later on but Bo was too freaked out. DENIED.

Any time she made a face about Dyson

There’s nothing like jealousy to make me love a lady. Despite Lauren’s confidence, it’s easy to tell that Bo’s relationship with Dyson makes her uncomfortable. This is so awesome because Lauren is just so honest with her feelings for Bo. She may be hiding other information, but she’s really transparent when it comes to their relationship.

Lauren: Devil’s Advocate… a succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable. And, of course, when wounded you’ll have to have sex in order to heal.
Bo: Yeah, well, I kind of have that covered.
Bo: Or I did, anyway.
Lauren: Oh. Really. With who?
Bo: Dyson. I trust him and he’s Fae so I don’t have to worry about draining him to death. Everybody wins.
Lauren: Well, that’s good to know. As your doctor, I would be more comfortable with you choosing someone slightly less well-traveled. But, um, it’s your choice.

Mmhmmm. Oh Lauren, I choose you!

All of Episode 8

This is about as risque as I get on the blog.

So if you’re just joining the ranks of Lost Girl viewers, episodes 6-8 are going to be your favorites. The entire series is great, but those episodes are the cream of the crop. (Mostly because there’s so much Lauren. Ahem.) But episode 8 brings us to the head of Dr. Lauren and Bo’s relationship. They finally do the deed and consequently, Lauren unintentionally breaks Bo’s heart. It’s terrible to watch. So much confusion and misunderstanding. This was my favorite bit of acting from everyone in the series so far. It was darker, moodier, and we saw some real depth from everybody. I live for drama. The fact that there is so much angst between these two makes my heart soar. I LOVE IT. (Plus, this episode featured one of the best lesbian sex scenes I’ve seen on television. It was just so sweet.)

In Conclusion

Weirdly, I’m a big fan of the love triangle between Bo, Dyson, and Lauren. I think it adds a really unique twist to the show showing a legitimate bisexual character. HOWEVER, I hope that next season they make this triangle more even. The season finale looked promising for one Miss Lauren Lewis…but we’ll see.  We definitely need to see more of her.  Clearly.

Additionally, Lost Girl is filming right now and I’m crapping my pants with excitement. Embarrassing. Are you a fan?


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