Lost Girl is Coming Back!

Lost Girl is coming back in NINE DAYS.

There are too many emotions running through my body right now. Lost Girl has been away from me for over eight months. EIGHT MONTHS. Lost Girl, I could’ve had a baby in this amount of time. (A premature baby…but A BABY nonetheless.)  Why do you torture me so?

In honor of this monumental occasion (and the fact that I’m not at Fan Expo Canada being a crazy fangirl right now), I would like to share a few things with you. While I’ve already shared pretty extensively my love for Dr. Lauren, I still think you need to be indoctrinated into this world. I’M GOING FOR THE HARD SELL.

Season 2 Preview

There’s so much about this preview for Season 2 that’s just…cheesetastic. And I love it. So much symbolism in this little preview. I see what you did there, Showcase. In other words, this tells us nothing really. However, nothing has changed in the way that I aim to be exactly like Bo when I grow up.

The Newest Cast Promo Pic via The Tele Vixen

Look how hot everyone looks. And by everyone, I mean Lauren and Bo. I mean, COME ON. This show is just pandering to me. I also thought about posting some of the other individual character shots but they are way too photoshopped for my liking.

New Season 2 Bios Give Us Some Clues

“When The new Ash’s ways pose serious threats to Lauren’s well-being, Bo is the first to step up and defend Lauren’s honour. But Lauren has more secrets that, when revealed to Bo, will threaten toundermine the solid foundation they have been working together to build. “

“Fae police detective Dyson and human doctor Lauren helped Bo understand
and feed her inborn needs, but control her appetites so that she can live a “normal” life –
sparking a love triangle that is about to become even more complex.”

Oh Lauren, it’s your secrets that make me love you but it’s also your secrets that are totally cock blocking you. Stop it! Hopefully you’re a little more (tactfully) honest this season and hopefully Bo appreciates that.


Okay, okay. I’m getting into major spoiler territory. I can’t go on. Let’s just say, I hope that Bo ends up becoming Lauren’s protector. This would make that love triangle between her and Dyson 500 times more complicated. And I love me some drama.

Are YOU as excited as I am? Probably? Yes? Yes.


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  1. will this show make a 3rd season??????? have seen all the reruns of 1 & 2. does anyone know. thank you. mary

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