My Not-So-Secret Addiction to Neopets

I’m currently on vacation (in a place that has puzzles instead of internet access) and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post for both of my days this week…HOWEVER, I’ll miss you. I promise.

Today – it’s confession time. We all have had games that for one reason or another, we were obsessed with…and it was shameful. Sure I played Gus Goes to Cyberopolis and Kids Stuff games up the wazoo. However, nothing compares to the complete obsession I had for NEOPETS. Yeah. You heard me. Neopets.

“Neopets allows the creation of virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Visitors can create an account and take care of up to four virtual pets, buying them food, toys, clothes, and other accessories using the virtual currency called Neopoints, and Neocash.”Neopets Wikipedia

My Lupe - Lomare. Notice how he's dying. He's been dying for a couple years now.

 I started playing Neopets in 2000 which was a year after it was started. It’s still around and actually looks a bit different than it used to. (I would expect it to look slightly better than it did in 2000.) There was a good chunk of time in high school where I played this regularly with my friends. Even though my gameplay falls off every once in awhile, I go through spurts of being obsessed with it again. Most recently it was around two years ago. I figure that means I’m due. The highlights for me were:

  • The games. There were so many games from so many different genres and the list kept growing. It was it’s own gaming site. I loved the puzzle games the best. The actions ones always felt like they were left to change rather than skill. And that’s stupid.
  • The money. Well, not real money. But, I learned that I’m a greedy SOB by playing Neopets.  Sometimes my pets would starve but DAMNIT I was a millionaire! I’m pretty sure I’m still accruing money on there in one way or another.
  • The pets! I loved my little Lupe. He was cute. I worked a long, long time to get the paintbrush to paint him the exact way I wanted. I had other pets but didn’t really care for them. My lupe was my pride and joy.  (Although he’s probably dying now like the rest of my pets.)

Do you play Neopets? Don’t be shy. I WON’T JUDGE YOU. If you do, we should be friends on there and conquer the world. My name is Leaven and my Lupe’s name is Lomare. I dare you to play it. I also dare you to not get obsessed. It’s like having a tamagotchi…but way cooler. I didn’t ever want one of those.

What’s your secret, shame-inducing video game?


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