Star Wars X-Wing: Collector’s Edition

It looks so real!

What is it?

You fly around in Star Wars ships and blow stuff up.  Contrary to the title, you get to fly x-wings, y-wings, a-wings, and sometimes b-wings.  Luke Skywalker flew an x-wing so, you know – it makes sense to call it that.

The more professional explanation: “X-Wing also features an original narrative that parallels the events of Episode IV. At crucial points in the storyline, hand-drawn cutscenes complement the narrative that is told mostly through the mission briefings and in-flight radio messages. The scenes were entirely original, though inspired by the movies.” – Star Wars: X-Wing Wikipedia

Why I loved it SO MUCH

  • It was all about the medals and awards.  I wanted my badges SO BAD.  I didn’t care about the actual missions, I just wanted the glory for it.  The missions were just an annoying side step to making my outfit pretty.
  • I got to fly in a variety of aircraft.  You had some choice in what you flew and each ship had different strengths and weaknesses for specific missions.
  • At the time, the graphics were really cool.  I really felt like I was destroying the crap out of TIE Fighters which was a major step up from playing games like Spectre.  After watching some recent gameplay, I wasn’t sure if I had the right game since it seemed so cartoony.  Weird.

Why some people might not like it

  • It’s hard.  The game sometimes felt impossible to beat.  When you’re just trying to earn some badges, the game can get really frustrating.
  • Also, I was always really bored by the mission screen.  I just read “DESTROY FREIGHTER” and went for it.  In other words, I took a caveman approach to fighting the dark side.
  • There wasn’t a huge storyline.  Actually, you pretty much just did missions that happened somewhere after the events of ‘A New Hope’.  You can pick and choose what you do – it doesn’t really feel like there’s any linear gameplay.

In conclusion

This was another game that was passed along to me as a kid.  (I’m happy I had people in my life who were encouraging my video game habit.)  It came as part of a collector’s set that also had Rebel Assault, Rebel Assault 2, and other fun stuff.  PS I totally cheated my way through Rebel Assault 2 – that game was impossible.

If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan, I definitely recommend trying this out.  I loved it as a kid so my flawed logic follows that everyone else should like it as an adult.  Lucky for you, it’s considered abandonware now!

Click here to download the full game: Star Wars: X-Wing Collector’s Edition



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2 responses to “Star Wars X-Wing: Collector’s Edition

  1. I had a LucasArts Star Wars Collector’s Pack, too… so awesome. I remember freaking out about Tie Fighter, but my computer couldn’t handle it so I never got to play…

    • Meghann

      Lame! I think you could probably find it these days on an abandonware site…or somewhere like that. I felt similar about Rebel Assault 2 – the graphics were CRAZY awesome at the time…but it always made our computer freak out.

      Don’t know if this is a legit download – but hopefully it makes your dreams come true. 🙂

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