Tierra De Lobos – Cristina and Isabel

Ya’ll know that I love me some lesbian storylines on television, movies, etc.  And if you’ve had the privilege of reading my facebook or twitter feed recently, you’ve probably noticed that one of my current obsessions is a show called Tierra de Lobos.  Obviously, my natural inclination was to indoctrinate you all into this awesome world.

What the heck is it?

Tierra de Lobos is an action/adventure type show that feels a lot like a Western.  It’s set in 19th century Spain and centers around a man named Lobo and his family.  Lobo is widowed and has four daughters: Almudena, Nieves, Isabel, and Rosa.  The Lobo family essentially runs the town and long story short, Lobo’s kind of an a-hole.  Obviously, this causes problems on a number of levels including the love lives of his daughters.

There are lesbians in a 19th century Spanish western?

Isabel (Adriana Torrebejano)

Yes, there are!  Isabel is described as “not being interested in men and dreams of inheriting the Lobo estate to avoid having to leave and get married.” She has always been a bit of a firecracker through the series – very strong-willed.  I also adore her and totally identify with her.  But as season two has progressed, the writers have completely taken Isabel in an awesome direction of lesbian goodness.  She’s been in lust (and now in love) with a prostitute named Cristina.  It’s an incredibly complicated story and really good television.  So if you’re interested in being a bit spoiled, let me lay down the story between Isabel and Cristina.  (I will be doing this in a couple installations because there’s fortunately a lot of stuff to tell you!)

Cristina and Isabel: Episode 2×02 and 2×03

Throughout season one, Cristina was essentially Senor Lobo’s main prostitute.  He wouldn’t let anyone else sleep with her.  In terms of her profession and the time, she was in a pretty good position.  Cristina doesn’t actually love Lobo, she just knows how to manipulate situations very well.  That’s the main thing you need to know.  Fast forward to season 2…

Scene 1: Isabel is searching the brothel for her sister Rosa (who went missing during a scuffle with the local military) and becomes distracted by a woman bathing.  Through the door she sees Cristina (one of the prostitutes), completely nude, singing and washing herself in the shower.  Isabel is pretty crappy at hiding the awe and curiosity on her face and straight up stares at Cristina.  Once Isabel is standing in the doorway gawking at Cristina, Cristina turns and smiles coyly at Isabel.  Isabel is caught off guard and uncomfortably rushes out of the room.  Cristina turns back to bathing and chuckles.  Later on, Isabel is taking a bath and starts to think about Cristina in the shower. She begins to touch herself but is interrupted before she gets very far.  (I’m seriously not making this stuff up.)

Scene 2: Clearly rattled by the feelings she’s having, Isabel has a chat with her sister, Nieves.

Isabel: Why am I not like you?
Nieves: Because you’re not like mom.  You have father’s legs.
No, why don’t I like dresses? Or jewelry… I don’t know.  Why don’t I brush my hair like you do?
Because you have beautiful hair and you don’t need to, silly.
I wish I could be more like you.

Scene 3: Nieves explains that Isabel’s just fine the way she is and that it’s not really that hard to dress up nice every day.  (Oh I totally feel you, Isabel.)  So the next day, Isabel’s sisters dress her up and put her hair down.  But most importantly, Isabel strolls up to Anibal (who’s in love with her sister Nieves) when she’s all dolled up and has this conversation:

Isabel: Anibal, what am I missing? What does my sister have that I don’t?
Anibal: Isabel, you aren’t missing anything, you’re beautiful.  It’s just that…you’re different.
Isabel: I don’t want to be different!

Isabel runs off to her bedroom, tears in her eyes, mad at the world.  Ah, the tortured life of a budding lesbian.  We’ve all been there.  Isabel just wants love, ya’ll.  These writers own my soul.  Seriously.  They’re taking Isabel’s sexuality in an awesome direction.  She’s not hiding away from it, but completely exploring herself.  Obviously, she’s majorly closeted and this causes some drama down the road, but I can’t wait to see what happens!

From here, we start to get into the nitty gritty of the Crisabel relationship.  I’ll update you on the interactions between Isabel and Cristina in my next posts. Things move pretty quick between them and they fall in love so easily.  It really brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us.

PS Did I mention the acting on this show is phenomenal?  Adriana Torrebejano and Berta Hernandez are just amazing.  You really need to be watching this! Sold yet?

Photos taken from: http://www.telecinco.es/tierradelobos/



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8 responses to “Tierra De Lobos – Cristina and Isabel

  1. yes, I am sold.

    thanks for the review

    • Meghann

      You’re very welcome! I will be posting more recaps soon. There’s just so much, I didn’t have the time to do it all at once. 🙂

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  3. anna regianna

    I already posted in facebook… but…

    LMAO, you are hands down funny. And this made me giggle: awesome direction of lesbian goodness! You are now in my web quick links!

    You know, if I wasn’t already sold and obsessed with them, this recap would certainly make me a Crisabel shipper! Off to read the next one!

    • Meghann

      Thank you! I’m really happy you enjoyed it (and that you’d be a convert if you weren’t already.) 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Luther

    I liked reading. Im going to read the next one now.

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