Dungeons and Dragons: Carrion Crown Begins

Recently I joined a second Dungeons and Dragons game.  The crew that was playing before lost their cleric and were in desperate need of someone to fill his spot.  Low and behold, I love the game so much, I offered to fill his spot. My life is just so full of WIN! (But seriously, I’m so excited to be playing D&D every Tuesday now.)

My character in this game is Wren.  She is a cleric, a changeling (which she doesn’t know), and a big ol’ lesbian.  Duh.  Part of her back story is that she fell in love with her best friend Nora but her parents forbade them from seeing each other.  Well, and that she’s also kind of weird and has a claw on her right hand. Yeah, you jealous.

So, part of entering a new game where a party already exists means they have to seek out the new player.  In other words, I don’t magically get to be a part of their team.  In this particular instance, the crew came to the bar I was downing ale at in search of a cleric and an incredibly long and awkward conversation/test ensued.  (This is due in part to the fact that the abilities I can do ‘whenever’ are not really impressive.  But I tried to give ’em the hard sell!)  I’ve summarized it in the comic below.

In short, I laugh really hard every time I play.  It’s so true to life sometimes.  It’s awesome.  haha  And so ya’ll don’t get confused – I’m recapping both Carrion Crown and Savage Tide games.  I’ll try to let you know which is which.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS A MOMENT OF THE ACTION.



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6 responses to “Dungeons and Dragons: Carrion Crown Begins

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  2. candise

    I just stumbled upon your blog, which is amazing and funny, and thought I’d share my crew’s dnd blog with you. I play with an all-lady crew (we call it “She and D”) and we all have queer characters (its a requirement to join the group, even if you aren’t queer in real life). There is a comic I drew in there somewhere… http://sheandd.wordpress.com/

    • Meghann

      Thank you! And I checked out your blog – awesome! I’ll have to keep up with it. 😀 I like that concept of having an “all queer” party. Gonna lock that idea away for the future…

      Also, I’ve been trying to find a way to record our dnd nights and editing them up with the best parts. I like the quote method that you’ve got going on!

  3. D&D art is always awesome, whether it’s the professional stuff or sketched out on looseleaf with a #2 pencil. Way-cool…!!!

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