Tierra De Lobos – Isabel and Cristina Part Two

So where last we left off – Isabel popped in on Cristina showering (happens all the time), felt funny about it, and cried sweet, angst-ridden lesbian tears.  From here, things move pretty quickly.  We’re not sure if Cristina has ulterior motives, but there are moments where it doesn’t seem like she’s faking.  Clearly, I’d fall for Cristina’s act in a minute.  But that’s beside the point.

Scene 1:

Isabel is shopping with her Nana chatting about her father and sisters.  Her eyes begin to wander around the store and she catches a glimpse of Cristina standing in line.  Unable to hide her intense attraction (and intense stare), their eyes meet (again) as Cristina smiles warmly back at her.  Caught off guard by being noticed (again) Isabel explains that she feels sick and needs to leave RIGHT AWAY.  Mmhmm.  They hurriedly start out of the store as Cristina intentionally gets right in Isabel’s path “accidentally” knocking her basket out of her hands:

Look at that mischievous face. "Who me?" I'm really including this because come on...who can resist those eyes? Isabel never had a chance.

Isabel: Are you stupid?! …Watch where you’re going.
I’m very sorry, Miss.  Please accept my apology.

Cristina goes to hand Isabel the apple and their hands briefly touch.  Their eyes awkwardly meet and Isabel stands back up with the basket.  (This is what they call lesbian porn.  FYI.)

In one of the following scenes, we importantly see Cristina with Señor Lobo (Isabel’s dad).  Cristina is pretty much his regular lady friend.  Long story short, he doesn’t want her and hits her and says something along the lines of – you’re not good at your job anymore.  And pretty much disowns her.  She’s back to square one at the brothel.  Status gone.  I don’t like to dwell on this part of the story because I feel so bad for Cristina.  Plus, watching ladies cry is not a hobby of mine.  Sad face.  (Well unless they’re crying over each other for their UNDYING LOVE.)

Scene 2:

Isabel goes to confession.  It’s intense.  I mean, when I went to confession I always talked about being mean to my brother and sister and not going to confession enough. (heh)  Isabel layed it all out for the priest.  I was impressed.  Not only had she admitted that, yes, she was indeed attracted to women but she was totally telling someone OUT LOUD.  Sure, it was anonymous but the conversation here was so honest.  Is someone gay writing for this show?

Isabel: I’ve had impure thoughts…
Father: What… type of thoughts?
Isabel: I have felt an attraction for a… to a person that is not right for me.
Father: Oh, Lord.  And is this person married?
Isabel: No, it’s not like that Father.  It’s a woman.
Father: Holy mother, for the love of God.  Only thoughts…or has there been more?  Have you touched each other?
Isabel: No… I swear Father.
Father: You have to remain strong for the devil is tempting you… Stay away from this woman or else you will burn in hell for all eternity!
Isabel: But why is this happening to me?

Man, I’m happy I never had that conversation in a confessional.  Yikes.  Poor Isabel.  She’s just into ladies – haters be hating.

Scene 3:

On to happier times…Isabel walks out of Casa de Lobo and starts down the street.  Propped against the wall of her house is Cristina with a flirtatious look on her face.  Isabel makes eye contact, quickly glances away, and ignores her as she walks by.  Cristina, looking visibly annoyed by the blow-off, starts to follow Isabel down the path.  Uncomfortable with the situation, Isabel confronts Cristina:

Cristina is persistent, yo.

Isabel: I didn’t mean to offend you at the store…  Satisfied?
(shakes her head maintaining intense eye contact) Nope.

Isabel continues walking and Cristina keeps following.

Isabel: Alright, that’s enough! Why are you following me?  What do you want?
I want the same thing you do.

After some awkward sideways glances at being found out, Isabel continues:

Isabel: I don’t want anything.  Nothing.
Are you sure?

Cristina begins to unbutton her blouse and Isabel gets kind of uncomfortable yet looks on.

Isabel: What are you doing?
Isn’t it obvious?

Cristina takes Isabel’s hand and puts it over her heart.  I imagine in this situation I would feel incredibly overwhelmed just holding someone’s hand let alone touching their heart but you know…I’m romantic and nervous and stuff around girls I like.  Isabel is totally being reeled in by Cristina.  And then things get real intense:

Cristina: Feel the heartbeat?  It’s because of you.

SOLD.  Isabel stares into Cristina’s eyes and then focuses on her hand.  Suddenly she quickly pulls her hand away from Cristina’s grasp.  They look at each other for a long while – Cristina is waiting for Isabel’s response.

Isabel: Stay away from me.

Ouch.  As she storms off, Cristina has a defeated look on her face.  Now, I’m sure this is all part of some plan, but Berta’s acting here showed a real flustered and frustrated Cristina.  Part of me feels like that interaction affected her more than she thought it would.  I encourage you to watch this scene…over and over again.  For clarity’s sake…ahem.  Clearly.  It’s one of my favorite scenes between the two of them…even if Cristina was partly scheming against her at this point.  I’m just sappy.  Sue me.

Gah.  Qué romántico.  Happy viewing my friends.  These were less troubled times on Tierra de Lobos.  Kind of.  Your next installment is coming soon!  Things get saucy.

Photos taken from: http://www.telecinco.es/tierradelobos/


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3 responses to “Tierra De Lobos – Isabel and Cristina Part Two

  1. anna regianna

    Why is no one commenting here! This recap is pure gold!

    So, the hand in the heart thing was one of my fave scenes as well… of course my pervy and filthy mind honestly thought she was going to make Isabel grope her chest LMAO. I made a very heartwarming scene dirty…

    Kidding aside, their hands are like a third character in this pairing (no pun intended, in all honesty). I like how Cristina consistently use her hands to direct/show Isabel… first in the scene above, then in 205 and then in that sweet scene in 207. She is like literally showing to Isabel who she is. Then Isabel lovingly stroking Cristina’s hands while she was sleeping… which eventually turned into… oooppss I’ll stop my mini thesis and keep myself from spoiling it to others.

    But anyway, highly anticipating your next installment. Have you ever recapped other shows before? Cheers mate!

    • Meghann

      Haha it’s so easy to go all crazy fangirl over these characters. The drama is just too good – I mean the writers definitely know what they’re doing. I hope it continues that way! There are so many good opportunities for drama coming up – can’t wait to see what happens. 🙂 I should always keep you around to feel good about myself! Thanks for the nice compliments!

      As for recapping- I haven’t before but I noticed that english recaps for TDL were lacking on the internet and I love this storyline so much. So you know – it all worked out. 🙂 You’ll see a new one coming soon! I gotta catch up since the newest episode is already coming out tomorrow!

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