Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina Part Three

When we last spoke, I was telling you about Cristina and Isabel’s interaction at the store, Isabel’s confession to the priest, and Cristina’s (delightful) confrontation outside of Isabel’s home.  Get ready my friends because from here things speed the eff up.

Scene 1

Anibal is on the run from Captain Ugarte and his men because he’s been wrongly accused of blowing up the gunpowder station.  (I know that’s vague, but we’re focusing on these two ladies. Haha)  Isabel, being the awesome person that she is and sure of Anibal’s innocence, decides to go to the brothel to confront Ugarte and tell him to call off the search.  He doesn’t (but we appreciate her attempts anyway!)  She’s so valiant.  However, this puts Isabel in hot water:

Ugarte: I will count to five and if you don’t disappear, I will arrest you.

Look at that intense stare.

He begins to count and keeps a firm grasp on Isabel the entire time.  At the count of five he releases her and laughs.  Isabel stands in place for a moment and Ugarte signals for his men to arrest her.  She takes off down the hallway in the brothel with the soldiers chasing her.  Desperately searching the corridor for an escape, Isabel looks like she’s about to be caught when Cristina steps into the hallway out of her room and pulls Isabel in.  She locks the door and pins Isabel against it signaling her to be quiet.

Cristina: Wait, there is a window at the back.
(with the most gentle eyes EVER) No…I don’t want to get you into trouble.

Cristina looks back at Isabel and smiles.

Cristina: Too late for that.

And WHA-BAM, she totally kisses a stunned Isabel.  This is one of my favorite kisses ever.  (Despite the really effed up storyline between these two which I wouldn’t wish on anyone…it’s the kind of kiss you always hope to receive from someone you like.)

Yup. It happened.

Isabel backs away like she’s about to head out into the hallway.  She turns, regains her right mind, and turns back to Cristina.  Nah, girl – you CANNOT ESCAPE HER.  And come on, why would you?  Cristina smiles and points to the back of the room:

Cristina: The window?

The look on Cristina’s face as Isabel leaves the room is excellent.  You can tell she’s really pleased with herself.  She totally unnerved our poor little lesbian – toying with her fragile, lady-lovin’ heart.  So cruel.  Also, so amazing.  I’m not complaining.

Scene 2

I love her hair. That's really the only reason this picture if on here. But the best part of this screepcap I took is that Berta looks like she's giving herself the CRAZY EYE in the mirror. I'M A GIT YOU.

Cristina is sitting in her room at the brothel brushing her hair.  (As a complete side note, this show has made me want to brush my hair a lot more often.)  All of a sudden the door opens and Cristina again looks pleased with herself that Isabel has come back.  Isabel nervously turns back to the door and thanks Cristina for her help earlier in the day.  Whether she’s referring to helping her get away from the soldiers or for the kiss is debatable.

Isabel:  I just wanted to thank you for helping me today.
You’re welcome…  Are you sure you don’t want anything more?

There’s something about the way she says ‘you’re welcome’ that’s absolutely wonderful.  Cristina is just so persistent.  She knows that if she asks enough, Isabel is eventually going to give in.  Isabel glances around and then gazes up at the door, giving up this whole “you’ve got me all wrong” charade and locks the door behind her.  She turns around and locks eyes with Cristina.  Isabel’s terrified look is balanced out by Cristina’s extremely cool demeanor.  Keeping intense eye contact with Isabel, Cristina strolls up to her, smiles, and whispers “Come.”

LOOK AT THEIR HANDS. Also, there's an excellent animated gif of this somewhere...

Cristina grabs Isabel’s hand, gently caresses it against her face, intertwining their fingers.  PS That was totally one of my favorite parts.  I think hand holding is super romantic…apparently.  Regaining eye contact, Cristina guides her hand down the rest of her body.  (All of a sudden I feel I’m writing fan fic…not sure how I feel about that.)  Isabel looks completely in awe – I imagine this is lady body overload for her.  BOOBS.  You can read it on her face.

Isabel cautiously places her hands on Cristina’s waist and they pull in closer to each other.  I said earlier that their first kiss was the kind of kiss you hope to receive, but this one – oh man.  So much passion.  After what seems like hours, the two shut their eyes and finally lock lips and kiss each other.  They descend onto the bed and it’s implied that they make sweet, sweet lady love.  The next morning Isabel strolls back into her house with an enormous “I just got laid” smile on her face.  Her sister Nieves looks at her and asks her if she found Anibal.  Isabel’s face falls a bit and she simply responds no and walks off.

And the heavens opened up and the angels let out a song of HALLELUJAH.

Scene 3

The next scene is short but incredibly important.  Knowing what I know now, I think I understand Cristina’s conversation with Sebastian a lot more.  (Sebastian used to work for Lobo but doesn’t anymore.  He also had sex with Cristina immediately after she was “disowned” by Lobo.  He’s also a huge douche bag.)  We see Cristina lounging in the brothel and Sebastian, nursing a bottle of alcohol, strolls up next to her and says, “Leave.”  Cristina gets up to leave and he grabs her arm:

Sebastian:  I don’t trust whores.
  You and I have more in common than you would believe.

Cristina looks smug here and knowing what I know now, I’m totally mad at her!  We’re led to believe that she is going to team up with Sebastian in some way since they’ve both been wronged by Lobo.  Poor Isabel.  She takes a chance and decides to explore her sexuality and it looks like it’s going to blow up in her face.  Not cool, Cristina.  Not cool.

We’re almost caught up…almost.  The next time we see Cristina and Isabel, things get rough.  And not in any sort of sexy, rough way.  In the, ahhhh shit way.  Stay tuned!

All the scenes from this recap:

Some screencaps by me.  All othere are from: http://www.telecinco.es/tierradelobos/


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6 responses to “Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina Part Three

  1. alexandra

    nice have
    job done well

  2. anna regianna

    YAY, you are back. And you teased me with the fanfic mention. You really shouldn’t have done that… because now I am imagining how great your possible fic could be…. 😉 If I love your recaps… Imagine how much I would love your fanfic… teehee…

    I really liked that scene in the mirror… I’ve commented this before that Cristina/Berta seems to also like herself as much as we do…. Oh to be that comb or robe…..

    And I swooned at how soft Cristina said ‘come’ in that scene. You almost cannot hear it. Watching them feels as if being privy to such an intimate secret…. And how vulnerable Cristina looked when Isabel touched her waist… I just swooned.

    There was also this split second scene of Isabel at the Lobo’s house at the end of this episode. This was when Almudena asked for help after killing Felix (?). Almudena entered the room where Nieves was already asleep but our cute little lesbian is still up, seemingly in deep thought. I have only one bet what she was thinking: Cristina’s lady bits haha.

    Glad you are continuing with the recaps… I feel spoiled. I saw that you are a Lost Girl fan, too! I am no longer a Bo/Lauren shipper… I only ship Lauren with me now… 😉

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  4. I loved the sweet, tender kiss after Isabel comes back to “thank” Cristina. The whole scene actually made my heart do funny things…. Maybe because it’s the moment of full realisation, both emotionally and storywise (like, “yes, this is where I want, and have always wanted, to be”).

    Loving your recaps, by the way! Brava!

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