Dungeons and Dragons Carrion Crown: I almost died!

As you all know, I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player.  Now a participant in TWO games, I have endless stories of heroism and danger to share with you.  My newest game is following the Carrion Crown campaign.  This go around, I’m a Cleric (as evidenced in my last comic) brought in to replace some other dude who totally bailed on the crew.  We’ve been investigating a place called Harrowstone Prison.  The general rundown is that there are a lot of ghosts, haunts, skeletons, flying skulls, huge ass mosquitoes, and inanimate objects that come to life TO KILL YOU.  Currently we are on the hunt to destroy five spirits of the nastiest criminals who were originally kept in the prison.  I’d like to share with you the most exciting thing that happened to me in our last game.

The most terrifying encounter of the evening was with the spirit, Father Charlatan.  During our exploration, we happened upon an empty room that contained a skeleton wrapped in chains and holy symbols.  We thought it was a good idea to throw a bunch of chairs, stones, and other large objects at it – just to be safe.  (What?  I figured it couldn’t come to life if all of its bones were separated.)  Well apparently there was a ghost attached to that skeleton and we PISSED IT OFF.  And this wasn’t just any old ghost; this was one of the big-bad spirits – Father Charlatan.  Being that I “cast the first stone” Father Charlatan decided to attack me while we were fighting another big-bad spirit elsewhere.  I rolled to deflect his attack and totally failed at my will-save.  And in that instant, our DM let me know that my brain had splattered out on the floor and I WAS DEAD.  Dead?  I was dead?!

The DM and I left the game room.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen – I didn’t want to be dead!  I didn’t want to make a new character.  I liked Wren!  She’s pretty and awkward and has a hot girlfriend in her home town.  I wasn’t ready to stop playing her yet.  Amidst this chaos looming in my brainz, my DM explained that I woke up in a coffin and everything looked kind of hazy around me, but I appeared to be in a temple of some sort.  There was a figure of a red-haired woman standing above me.  She explained that I was in a temple of Kurgess (the God that I worship) and my body had been hauled out of Harrowstone Prison by priests wherein I had been newly resurrected.  Several months had passed and my crew had moved on without me.  This seemed suspicious…but I had been the new arrival to the team so it’s doubtful that any of my friends would’ve hauled my body out of there.  My DM asked me what I wanted to do.  Feeling hesitant, I explained that I wanted to sit up, look around, and ask the lady where I was.  In return, he asked me to make a will-save roll.  I did successfully.  The woman began to look confused like she didn’t know what to say and awkwardly started mumbling over her words.  This made me even more suspicious.

I imagine it was exactly like this minus the shitty ending.

Our DM headed back into the game room leaving me separate from everyone else to continue in their game.  A few minutes later he returned and asked me what I wanted to do now.   I told him I wanted to channel the energy in the room.  (This meant I wanted to radiate positive energy out against any nearby enemies.)  Again, my DM asked me to make a will-save and I did again.  This seemed to affect the woman as she flickered and an ugly, old man was seen as her image faded.  As the woman came back into focus, she got incredibly angry.  (Ahhhh shit, son.)

Actually - he doesn't look that ugly. Just kind of hungry. FOR MY SOUL. In fact, upon closer inspection, he kind of looks like the dude who works at Rite Aid who denied me beer one night because my license wouldn't scan. Uhhh...Yeah, that guy was weird. I see the connection.

The DM returned to the room where the rest of my crew was still playing and continued on with their game play.  When he came back he had me make another will-save.  For the third time, I did successfully.  Father Charlatan, filled with rage and anger, began to charge at me.  Without anything left to lose, I prepared for the assault.  When the spirit was upon me, I mustered all my strength and sent my fist straight through his face.  The image of my friends flickered behind him and their presence gave me extra strength. I OBLITERATED the spirit by shattering his jaw and sending him reeling backwards.  And then he was gone.

art skillz

As I came to (in game), my character was covered in holy water.   There were chains lying on the floor around me and everyone was standing over me looking concerned.  I had never really died, but had been wrapped in magical chains that were slowly crushing my body.  My friends did what they could out of my “spirit realm” by splashing holy water to weaken the chains while they watched me writhe in pain.  If I hadn’t made my will-saves that our DM had me roll each time, I would’ve been crushed by the chains and actually died for real.  Thank goodness as a cleric I have a strong will modifier.  Father Charlatan had been following us since we desecrated his skeleton.  He apparently had a bone to pick.  (heh)  But, three big-bad spirits down – two to go!  We’re on a roll.

As a side note, this all came on the heels of disaster in our other game where I was bit by a rabid monkey and contracted some kind of zombie disease.  It just wasn’t my week at DnD.  However, I’m very happy that Wren is still alive and I can continue playing her!  Phew.

Zombie Picture from: Hungry Zombie Blog
Buried Picture from: Crazy Critics: First Look at Buried
Father Charlatan Picture from: DM Tanner’s Photobucket


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