Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Four

Hello all you current (and future) Crisabel shippers!  Previously on Tierra de Lobos we saw that Cristina and Isabel finally gave into their so-called attraction to each other and did the deed.  But, it’s never really that simple when it comes to good television.   The shit is going DOWN right now on Tierra de Lobos so I need to catch up asap.  I’ve even included animated gifs this go around.  I love animated gifs.  So let’s the bridge the gap a bit, shall we?

Scene 1 (episode 2×07)

The scene opens with a shot of Cristina and Isabel lying in bed together.  It’s clear that the two spent the evening together and Isabel has her gaze focused on a sleeping Cristina.  (This show has the best lighting – they both just look lovely here.)  As Cristina comes to, she sees Isabel and this dialogue ensues:

Cristina: Were you watching me while I slept?
Isabel: (gently caressing Cristina’s face) I could do so for hours.


Cristina: Aren’t they expecting you at home?

Isabel and Cristina have been holding hands this whole time which you all know I love…a lot.  Isabel looks troubled at this question and changes her gaze to their hands.

Cristina: What’s up?
Isabel: My family is going through a hard time…and I feel guilty because I’ve never been so happy in my life.
Cristina: You deserve this and so much more.

Isabel smiles at this and Cristina shifts in bed and smiles back.

Cristina: Come on, give me a kiss.

And boy does she.  The two begin to make love…you know, I really hate that euphamism – “make love” but I’m not sure what else to call it.  These two are just so tender together yet at the same time, so passionate.  And look at their hair – whoever does hair, makeup, and lighting on this show deserves an award.  They’re not just having sex at this point.  This scene was very tastefully done and was just beautiful.

Unfortunately, in the background we see someone sneaking a peek at the two ladies through the door.  It’s none other than the mighty douche bag, Sebastian.  He enters the room with such a slimy look on his face and shuts the door to get the ladies’ attention.  (PS He totally interrupted the best kiss of this entire scene.  I hate him for that.)  The girls hurriedly sit up in bed and cover themselves up with the sheets.

Sebastian: Well, well – today is my lucky day.
Cristina: Get out of here.

Sebastian reaches for Cristina and Isabel forcefully grabs his hand.

Isabel: Don’t even look at her.  (Can we love Isabel any more in this moment? Gah.)

Sebastian looks over at Cristina (as if to say, wtf) and tries to move his arm.  Isabel pushes back.

Isabel:  I said don’t even look at her.

Sebastian shifts his attention to Isabel and puts his arm around her neck.  She is trapped.  Cristina grabs for him.

Cristina: Stop, Sebastian, Stop!

He does.

Sebastian: Calm down…I’m leaving.  I can see you’re doing just fine without me.  (Uh, duh.)

As Sebastian leaves, you see Isabel’s tough exterior slowly melt away and she is visibly upset.  Like crying upset.  Cristina is looking on in a mixed state of shock and what I like to read as ‘oh shit, this really happened’.

Isabel:  What if he tells my father?
Cristina: Calm down, Isabel…
Isabel:  How do you want me to calm down?  You don’t know my father.

It’s at that statement, we see Cristina’s wheels turning.  It’s all so tragic.  Isabel doesn’t know that Cristina used to be Lobo’s regular girl and we know for sure now that Cristina hasn’t shared that information with her.  But, the saving grace of this moment is that Cristina looks upset by these circumstances.  As if to say, yes – I DO know your father but I really wish I didn’t.  Love really does hurt.

Scene 2

Sebastian makes a visit to the Lobo estate  for it seems no other reason but to threaten Isabel (because yes, he’s still a douche).  Isabel immediately approaches him unafraid.  I seriously would run for the hills if someone came walking at me with the look she had on her face in this scene.

Isabel:  How dare you come to my house.  Get out!
Sebastian:  You have beautiful breasts.

Isabel reacts by trying to slap Sebastian, he unfortunately grabs her hand before it makes contacts with his face.

God. He's such a dick.

Sebastian:  I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  You don’t want to make me angry…by the way, is your father home?  Surely he would love to know his daughter’s likings.
Isabel:  You are a bastard.
Sebastian: Yes.

And never were truer words exchanged on Tierra de Lobos.

Sebastian:  But from now on, I will be a rich bastard.
Isabel:  I don’t have any money.  And my father would never believe you.

Lobo is seen on the other side of the courtyard.  He’s out of earshot and doesn’t notice the two of them yet.

Sebastian:  Alright…why don’t we check?

Lobo walks over and Isabel covers for Sebastian.  She keeps her cool.  She’s so good at doing that…except around Cristina.  You know, no big.  Before Sebastian vacates the premises, he drops his blackmail on Isabel.  She’s got to steal money from her father to pay Sebastian or else he tells Lobo about her secret lesbian love affair.  What a wet blanket.

Scene 3

In a close call, Isabel successfully steals some of her father’s money and meets Sebastian in town.  They exchange a few words where Isabel makes Sebastian swear he will never tell anyone of what he found.  She does this in a much more threatening way than it sounds.  You don’t blackmail Isabel Lobo, okay?  As Isabel leaves we see Cristina walk out from where she was hiding during the exchange.  Sebastian tries to give her a share (since they were in this together), but she refuses to take it.

Sebastian:  We’re not stopping now.
Cristina:  I will not blackmail Isabel again.

Cristina tries to walk off but Sebastian grabs her.

Sebastian:  So now she is Isabel and not that Miss?  For a simple whore, you’ve fallen in love too easily.
Cristina:  Just because you’re an unscrupulous bastard, doesn’t mean I am too.
Sebastian:  What’s up?  Now you’re good?  Do not think she will see you the same way after she learns why you did all of this.
Cristina:  Please.  You’ve taken enough from her.  You must know when to stop in time.

Sebastian explains that he isn’t going to stop and when the money runs out, he’s going to tell Lobo about her anyway.  Cristina explains that he’s crazy and that Lobo will kill her if he finds out (because you know, he’s Lobo).  Sebastian reminds Cristina of why she was doing this – Lobo’s a dick and he deserves to pay.   True, but not like this – I think Cristina agrees with all of us.

So whoa!  Not only did our storyline move at warp speed, it has just reached a whole new level of drama that will only exponentially increase on the ‘oh shit’ scale.  I’ve written out a recap of the scenes from episode 2×08 but am going to combine it with my recap of episode 2×10 which was FANTASTIC.  And awful all at once.  I don’t know how much my heart can take, people.  So sit tight, we’re almost there!

Opening scene from this episode:



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5 responses to “Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Four

  1. anna regianna

    Yay! I do not celebrate thanksgiving but this is like a thanksgiving gift…

    Again, with the hands with these two. I love the simplicity of their hand holding, so simple yet so loving. I also like how Cristina practically hid behind Isabel when Lobita said ‘don’t look at her’…

    Damn, drama and angst lies ahead… Will not so patiently await your next installment…

    • Meghann

      Happy to bring you an ‘unthanksgiving’ Thanksgiving gift! 🙂

      Yes, I really like all the subtleties they include with this relationship. Anytime they do that on a show, it’s just so adorable. And yes! I almost included the gif of Cristina scooting behind Isabel. I thought that was so sweet. Part of me thinks that Cristina “forgot” she was part of this deal so Sebastian walking in actually did surprise her and kind of freak her out.

      I’m hoping to post the most recent update before next Wednesday…I’m thinking on Sunday or Monday depending on when I’m near a computer long enough. You won’t have to wait too long – I hope! Thanks for reading, as always! 🙂

  2. You are HIGH-larious but I have a question for ya about when you said:
    “As Sebastian leaves, you see Isabel’s tough exterior slowly melt away and she is visibly upset. Like crying upset. Cristina is looking on in a mixed state of shock and what I like to read as ‘oh shit, this really happened’.”

    I believe pre-Sebastion/Cristina revelation, the look on her face was supposed to be perceived that way but given that we all know she was in on the Sebastian thing is it just me that thinks we’re supposed to think something completely different about the face she makes post revelation?
    Bear with me. I take a while to make my points. lmao 😛
    When Isabel grabs the douches hand and is protecting Cris, watch the latter. Her expression is like, “well that was unexpected” because as she points out in 2×10 Isabel is the only one who ever cared for and kissed her (gently/lovingly) so she’s used to getting slapped around and not being protected. I think its a combo of catching Isa watch her sleep and that moment when she realizes that Isabel isn’t like the men who just sleep with her -Lobita actually cares about her.
    Now on to the look on her face as Isabel cries, I was under the impression her expression was more like “Crap, what have I done? Lobo really will kill her and I think I’m starting to love her.” because its not about the fact that it happened and she’s shocked seeing as how she was in on it in the first place. Make sense? Am I the only one who saw it like that??

    Sorry you had to read my minirant and it probably made 60% sense xD
    LoveLoveLove your reviews and can’t wait for the next one especially!

    • Meghann

      Thanks for commenting! Yes, that made total sense! I think I like your version better. It’s so hard to not be clouded by all the info I have now…that I didn’t have then. I like that interpretation of it…gonna go watch the scene again. Either way, I think we can agree she was in shock/disbelief a little bit in one way or another. 🙂

      PS Thank you for the kind words – new update coming soon! At least before Wednesday. 😉

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