Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Five – Dad, I’m Gay…

(Note: There are a lot of animated gifs in this post.  Give your browser time to load to enjoy all the goodness.  I hope it doesn’t make your computer crash!)

Scene 1 (episode 2×08)

Tierra de Lobos is a mess right now. People are being killed left and right – all you need to know if that the army is going mother effin’ crazy and it’s dangerous. So ladies, in a situation of life or death, what do you do first? You save your girlfriend, of course! Isabel bursts into the brothel and Cristina runs up to meet her.

Cristina: What are you doing here?
Isabel: We have to go. They’re going to burn all this to the ground without asking. Come on!
Cristina: No, leave me. I’m going to stay with Rosario. (Rosario is the Madame of the brothel)
Isabel: I won’t leave you here.
Cristina: No, Isabel stop! You don’t know what I’ve done….Sebastian didn’t catch us by chance. I asked him to.

We see the look on Isabel’s face change. She’s wearing a combination of disbelief, anger, hurt, and a number of other things. Cristina continues.

Cristina: I wanted to get back at your father.

(Cristina lowers her head to the side – she really doesn’t want to tell Isabel this next part.)

I was his usual girl. He left me… And you came along.

Without missing a beat, Isabel slaps Cristina HARD across the face. (I even felt that.  Ouch.) Isabel’s expression is simultaneously emotionless and terrifying. Cristina brings her face back up to make eye contact with Isabel again and then makes everyone’s heart ache by saying this:

Cristina: I’m sorry. I didn’t know I could fall in love with you.

And to make our hearts ache a little more, Isabel (trying not to be affected by Cristina’s words) follows this up with:

Isabel: I shouldn’t have forgotten that you were a whore.

As Isabel leaves, Cristina bursts into tears. She definitely ugly cries. (Although it’s far from ugly crying since it’s Berta Hernandez. But you know what I mean.) Ugly crying is for those things that really hurt you. Bad. You don’t care what you look like – your emotions just come out in a big mess. Beautifully acted here. It was one of my favorite scenes (which makes me sound like a horrible person, but whatever.)


As a quick side note – Isabel heads over to where Sebastian is hanging out and confronts him. She explains that Cristina told her everything. He taunts her, digging the emotional knife a little deeper. In a short WTF moment, it looks as though Sebastian and Isabel are about to kiss and then…BAM.  Isabel beats the shit out of Sebastian with her whip of justice. There is seriously no other way to write that.  He cries out for her to stop and when she does, we finally see her release some of her emotions. Isabel lets herself cry for about five seconds – if even that – and then storms out of the store.

Scene 2

Cristina, Rosario, and the rest of the prostitutes in the brothel are finding out very quickly that they will not be spared in the military takeover of Tierra de Lobos. Rosario orders them all to leave and Cristina refuses to leave without her. As the other girls run off, Rosario readies herself with a rifle to take on any soldiers who come through the door. She and Cristina share a tender moment here – it makes me sad. Long story short, the soldiers breach the building and Rosario is killed. Cristina runs to her body in horror but then realizes she could be next.  As Cristina tries to escape out the side door, everything goes into slow motion.  We see a soldier push her back into the main area, a rifle aimed directly at her.  As we go back into real time, another soldier calls off his comrade and explains that “he’ll take care of this one”.

We see Cristina looking terrified and shocked as the soldier approaches her with a loaded gun.  The look on her face says so many things – it’s hard to watch.  He uses some suggestive language here and begins to run the barrel of the rifle up Cristina’s face. Just as it seems he’s going to shoot her (and we’re all about to scream in horror and cry TYPICAL LESBIAN TROPE), we hear a gunshot go off. The soldier falls and in the background we see Isabel lower her rifle. Hurrah! Be still my lesbian heart! How romantic, no?  Isabel motions for Cristina to grab her hand and they escape out of the brothel together.

Cristina and Isabel are seen returning to the Lobo estate as the family prepares for battle. That would be an awkward homecoming but apparently it’s not weird considering the circumstances.  That house must be really, really big.

Scene 3 (episode 2×10)

A month has passed since all hell broke loose in Tierra de Lobos.  Isabel is shopping in the market with her father and spots Cristina flirtatiously smiling at her.  Isabel hesitates, looks around, and then makes a beeline for Cristina.  Cristina looks hopelessly in love and seems happy just to be approached by Isabel.  When she gets to her, Isabel looks around again and then pushes Cristina back from view.

Isabel: How dare you come here in front of everyone.
Cristina: I haven’t thanked you yet for saving my life.

We can tell Cristina’s really trying to turn the charm on here in a totally genuine and heartfelt way.  Isabel looks unnerved (as she usually does around Cristina) and responds:

Isabel: I told you I never wanted to see you again.

Yeah, we get it Isabel.  You’re mad at Cristina, you tell her to stay away, but somehow you still manage to keep talking to her.  You’re not fooling anyone.  Cristina’s look turns serious again:

Cristina: I need you to forgive me.
Isabel: I can’t.  You betrayed me.

As she leaves, Cristina grabs her arm.

Cristina: Isabel!  Please…we need to talk.
Isabel:  Let go of me.

PS “We need to talk” is actually code for lesbian foreplay.

Isabel:  When I think of you…
Cristina: So…you still think of me?

meooowww kitty cat

Cristina moves in closer to Isabel and Isabel responds by pushing her away.

Isabel: I said let me go.
Cristina: Look into my eyes and tell me you never want to see me again.

Isabel looks into Cristina’s eyes but she can’t do it.  I mean, who could?  LOOK AT THEM EYES.

Cristina: Wait for me this evening in the forest.  On the other side of the mill.  Please…

Isabel storms off and Cristina watches her go – Cristina totally swoons here.  It almost looks kind of cheesy how in love she is. Haha  Whatever, I love it.

Lobo asks Isabel where she’s been and she explains that she was distracted.  I just wanted to mention that as Lobo and Isabel ride back home, the music totally reminded me of Fingersmith.  I found that incredibly appropriate.

Scene 4

Isabel rides out to the forest where Cristina is sitting in the grass waiting for her.

(By the way, did anyone else notice that it looked like the horse almost knocked Isabel in the face as she stopped?  This made me laugh.  Just one of my many weaknesses is watching people get hit in the face.  I hate getting hit in the face, but still find it incredibly funny when it happens.  ANYWAYS…)

Isabel: What will you use me for now?
Cristina: It wasn’t you who I wanted to hurt.  I swear it.
Isabel:  You were my father’s lover.
Cristina: Don’t remind me.  You don’t know how much he hurt me.
Isabel:  Then why did you take it out on me?
Cristina: I… It’s true that in the beginning I wanted to get back at him.  But everything changed the moment I met you.

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love her.

Cristina is desperately chasing Isabel at this point, trying to make her understand.  Isabel contemplates her words for a minute.

Isabel:  I don’t believe a word.
Cristina:  Isabel.  I’ve spent my whole life in the hands of men and no one ever cared…or kissed me the way that you do.

We can tell that all Isabel wants to do is believe Cristina but her stubborn nature and better judgment is telling her not to.

Isabel:  You’re lying.
Cristina:  I love you.
Isabel: You’re a liar.
Cristina: I love you, damnit!
Isabel: Shut up.

Cristina grabs Isabel’s face to kiss her and Isabel pushes Cristina back and slaps her across the face.  This feels more hurtful than any other interaction between them.  It’s so abrupt.  Cristina made herself vulnerable and Isabel totally crapped on that.  Cristina doesn’t turn to look at Isabel this time.  She always turns to look at Isabel.  She’s just staring off to the side.  Isabel immediately regrets her actions.  She goes to move Cristina’s hair out of her face and Cristina flinches as if she’s ready to be hit again.

Isabel moves in and kisses Cristina’s cheek where she slapped her.  As they press their foreheads against each other, we can see that Cristina’s expression has changed – to show that she’s so incredibly happy to just be touched by Isabel.  You can tell that Isabel is having one last moment of deliberation…then she lets it all go and kisses Cristina.

In what has to be the fastest disrobing session EVER, the two ladies are suddenly in their undergarments making out in slow-motion.  The writers of this show are just catering to us now.  Hot lesbian make-out session in the forest?  Yes, please.  I don’t really know how to write out this scene in words so I’m just going to let these animated gifs do the talking.

God, I feel like such a perv now.  It’s for the good of the people, right?  Anways…alas, Lobo has followed Isabel out into the forest and he happens upon the two ladies making sweet lady love.  He’s appalled.  Your former regular prostitute and your daughter going at it in the forest – not ideal.  I smell trouble.

Scene 5

When Isabel returns home that night (yes, that NIGHT – how long were they going at it?) Lobo is waiting for her.  Isabel’s face turns from incredibly happy to incredibly concerned.

Isabel:  What are you doing there, father?  Has something happened?
Lobo:  I know where you’ve been and what you’ve doing…and with whom.


Isabel looks down with what can only be described as a look many of us have experienced before.  Your parent has just found out that you’re a big ol’ lesbian and you just want to shove it back in a corner and forget that it happened.  Lobo continues:

Lobo: God has punished me in the worst possible way.  My own daughter rolling around like a whore, a deviant, consumed by vice and perversion.
Isabel:  Father, please I…
Lobo: I never imagined that you would be capable of doing something like that.  You are sick.

Oh come on, Lobo.  Your other daughters have done way worse!  Isabel is totally innocent.

Lobo:  Good thing your mother is dead.
Isabel:  Look at me.

You gotta reaaaach out and touch someone

The look on her face here is so heartbreaking.  She goes to put her hand on her father’s shoulder – he violently hits it away.

Lobo:  Don’t touch me!  Don’t ever touch me.  Don’t you dare touch me.
Isabel:  I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
Lobo:  You disgust me.  You will spend the rest of your days in a convent while I try to forget that you were ever my daughter.

Did I mention how utterly heartbreaking this is?  Lobo is completely disowning Isabel.

Isabel:  I can change…
Lobo:  Of course you’re going to change.  Go to your room and pack your things.

But can I still keep Cristina, lawd?

Isabel bursts into tears.  She’s angry and upset.  We can see her entire world falling apart in that single moment.

This recap of TDL is going to be extremely long if I go into complete detail of the next scenes with Isabel and her sisters (and Lobo and Sebastian) so I’m going to provide a brief summary.  Essentially Isabel tells her sisters that she is going to the convent because she’s different.  They’re totally weirded out by her decision.  Everyone’s sad about it.  They have many tearful goodbyes.  It’s stupid that Isabel is leaving – everyone thinks so, Lobo.  You’re a dick.  As Isabel is readying herself to leave, she asks her nana if she can deliver a letter to Cristina.  Her nana takes it and then secretly rips it up.  Rude.

In another scene, Lobo asks Sebastian to murder someone.  Sebastian is tired of being Lobo’s bitch boy and says this is the last thing he does for him.  We don’t know who it is, but we’re all assuming it’s our beloved Cristina.

Scene 6

Cristina is seducing a dude at the brothel and putting on her usual charm.  It’s crazy how good Berta Hernandez is at playing like she’s interested in someone and actually being interested in someone as Cristina.  I could totally fangirl out about this all day, but we have work to do.  Sebastian comes up and asks the dude to take off.  Cristina looking unimpressed asks him what he’s doing. Sebastian says they need to talk and she explains that she’s working right now.  Sebastian explains:

Sebastian: I want you to see something…it’s about Isabel.

Gorgeous. I pat myself on the back for capturing this still.

This catches Cristina’s attention.  Her face turns incredibly serious and she stops Sebastian.  There’s an element of deep concern in her voice.

Cristina: Did something happen to her?
Sebastian: I can’t talk here – come with me.

As they leave, Cristina suspects something’s up and asks why they can’t talk at the brothel.  Sebastian pulls the gun on Cristina and tells her to not do anything strange.  After a close call with the new madame, they cautiously exit the brothel.

Scene 7

Isabel is outside the Lobo estate and the nuns are loading her things into the carriage.  Lobo stands completely emotionless refusing to look at Isabel.  Tears in her eyes, Isabel tries one last time to reach her father:

Isabel: Father…
Lobo: Don’t ever call me that.  Get in the carriage.

As she steps into the carriage he walks up and before he shuts the door utters:

Lobo: Perhaps it will interest you to know that Cristina is dead.

But think of the fans, Lobo. THINK OF THE FANS.

The nuns lock the carriage and Isabel breaks down.  We normally see her as a cool and collected individual.  She even said herself – I’m the strong one.  But she’s so completely unhinged at this point.  Isabel has lost everything – her sisters, her father, Cristina.  Everything.  This is a tough episode for Isabel (and for us as viewers).

Scene 8

Sebastian is leading Cristina down through the woods, gun pointed directly at her.  She is visibly sweaty, tripping over herself, and crying.  She’s begging Sebastian to not kill her.  They get to the bottom of the hill and Sebastian tells her to stop and she sinks to her knees.

Cristina:  I will not see Isabel again.  I swear it.
Sebastian:  Neither you, nor anyone else will ever see her again.  Lobo locked her up in a convent.

For serious?

Again, be still my lesbian heart.  Even in the middle of a life or death situation, Cristina’s look changes.  She’s not worried about herself in that moment– she’s concerned for Isabel.

Cristina:  Let me live.  We haven’t done anything wrong!

Noooo, not again!

Cristina squeezes her eyes shut. Sebastian fires the gun.  But he doesn’t shoot Cristina!  (I don’t know how much I can take of Cristina almost being shot in the face, you guys.)  She thanks him and he says he never wants to see her in Tierra de Lobos again or else he will shoot her yada yada.   Cristina runs off into the woods.  And fin!

Oh mah gah.  WHAT?  Did all of that seriously just happen?  This episode was made for us.  Talk about drama!  And it doesn’t end there, next week we’ll get to see Isabel in the convent (being abused no less) and a potential plan being hatched by Cristina to help her.  I love this show.  Sound off, fangirl out, what did you think?

Scenes from this week:

PS I’m not sure where all the animated gifs originated from – but thank you to whoever made them!



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15 responses to “Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Five – Dad, I’m Gay…

  1. Caroline

    Said it on facebook but will say it again…excellent recap!! and hilarious!! Had me laughing like an idiot in front of my computer screen lol Thanks for taking the time to write these up and sharing 😉

  2. h

    this show just keeps getting better and more interesting i can’t wait to see how cristina and the sisters will save isabel from the crazy nuns.
    thank you so much for the great recap i loved it.

    • Meghann

      I can’t wait to see what happens either! In my eyes – the potential reunion will go:
      Isabel: My father told me you were dead!
      Cristina: I almost was – but then I found out you were sent here and I had to come and save you.

      Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Ad200

    I love the way you skillfully inserted a pic of Cristina’s eyes into the recap, just so we could stare into them. Thank you for that!

  4. anna regianna

    Good lord, how did I miss this recap!!?? Of course, on the day that I decided not to check your blog was the day that you put it up. I was dropping by here everyday since your last recap and I simply decided not to ‘stalk’ you today but… okay I’ll stop and just say YAY!

    So, on to more important stuff, this recap is full of win. You combined two explosive episodes and your side comments are hilarious. I was literally on the floor laughing (I was sitting on the floor while reading, so not much effort there, hahaha). Isabel is one hell of a woman (I still feel funny typing that knowing she is young and practically still in high school, you know how traumatized I am by younger women bahaha). That girl got some cohones and the way she whipped Seba and shot that soldier, damn! I also like that despite the anger and the disappointment over Cristina’s scheme, her pure heart won at the end and she came back to save Cristina. I love how she took charge and how fierce she was back at the house. Then we have 2×10…. I don’t think we’ve fully recovered from that forest scene, and the tongue, and the boob grab… That episode was like and early Christmas present, a gift (not to mention GIFs) that keep on giving…

    I’m not sure if you’ve read my comment in FB, but I really liked the Crisabel scene in the market. I liked seeing how Cristina went from playful, seductive, to pleading… that earnest plea in the end moved me. And then to see her use her skills in seduction and to know exactly how to make Isabel listen, I was glad that the writers didn’t simply make her a ‘saint’ after falling in love. Then the scene with Isabel and Lobo felt so raw, it just rang true for everyone who struggled with coming out and coming to terms with their sexuality. I love the desperate ‘I can change’ because it is so realistic coming from a person struggle with all of it. And the best was how Adrianna portrayed it. The resignation in her voice, the struggle to keep her composure and then eventually losing it in the carriage. At that point, I was screaming DIE LOBO DIE…

    There is so much golden quotes in this recap but my personal favorite: whip of justice. LMAO, Lobita just went all out there, huh. Poor Sebastian, no wonder he is now a secret Crisabel shipper, he is probably scared of being whipped again.

    So, finally you’ve caught up with all of the episodes and I couldn’t be more happier… I love how you write and your effortless humor. If I could, I would marry your brain and fill up the other half of your wardrobe *winks*… Keep writing/recapping, will yah? 😉

    Wow that was long… sorry… next time it will be shorter… lol

    • Meghann

      I’m so happy you replied and enjoyed the recap! 🙂

      And I agree. I really enjoy how both Isabel and Cristina break down each other’s barriers. Isabel can’t seem to keep her cool, calm, and collected self together around Cristina. And I completely agree with what you said on FB about Cristina. Totally!

      As for Lobo – my brain immediately wants Isabel to exact revenge on her father but I know that would NEVER happen. And I don’t know that I want it to. However, I am really curious as to how the rest of this story is gonna play out. I’m not sure how I and C going to be incorporated back into society when they both have been banished. haha

      And I will keep writing – that’s so incredibly nice of you! Thanks for being so supportive and keeping up with my recaps. TDL has given me a reason to LOVE Wednesdays. 😛

    • Meghann

      Thank you! Although, I can’t take credit for the translations. Ugetwhatugive28 on youtube has done an awesome job of getting those out to us. 🙂

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  6. thelastbrownie

    I know the episode has been out for quite sometime.
    Silly me that I had just began to discover this madness called Tierra de lobos. Geeesuhhhsuz I am in love with Cristina and Isabel!!!!

    Fabulous recaps! Love the descriptions!

    One portion of the scene was like blarringggg with tongue action! Fan service much! YAYYYY! I literally died…I was giggling/squirming like a real tard!

    Tell me it gets betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Meghann

      Yes, it does! THis show is great and right up to the end of the season we’re given plenty of drama. I’ve recapped those too but I’m assuming you don’t want to be spoiled! 😉

      I feel like I spend so much time fangirling about these two, it’s ridiculous. haha

      • thelastbrownie

        well….there’s plenty of reasons to fangirl about. I’m soo widchu on that!!!!

        I just cannot explain how HOT they both are… its like greater than a third degree burn. more like 10000000 degree burn.

  7. iva

    I have just discovered this serial last night and your blog this morning! WOW!!! GREAT STAFF!!!!
    I speak Spanish as well as English and after reading blogs from both side (I had a very very very busy night!!!)
    your one is THE BEST!!!!

    My fav from this post is Notting Hill ref:
    “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love her.”
    Love it! Can’t wait for more!

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