Dungeons and Dragons: Savage Tide – We’re Bad Ass Adventurers

So much has been gone down between my two D&D games it’s hard to keep track of all the incredibly awesome stuff that has been happening. Unfortunately, you’re only going to get a brief rundown of our epic journey so far:

As you may have noticed from my other blog entries, my character Felix has started to pursue Lady Lavinia romantically. (And might I mention at a much slower rate than the rest of my party would like.) We haven’t even kissed yet. I’m waiting for the perfect moment, OKAY? Alas, there’s been a lot of tension between us but no pay off…yet.

Lavinia Vanderboren - My love, my life's inspiration.

We’ve also had a number of adventures searching for her no-good brother, Vanthus. (Of course, I’d NEVER say that to her face.) One of our first adventures led us to a set of underground caves where we encountered a plethora of zombies. Long story short – I got my arm gnawed on by a zombie, a few people were poisoned by some weird puffer fish looking plants, and we eventually made it out with a crapload of loot and inflated egos.

Vanthus. Scum. How could he be related to Lavinia? Cruel, cruel world.

In our pursuit of Vanthus, we ended up on the hunt to find a group called the Lotus Dragons. Our party had a hilarious run-in with a taxidermist and got drawn into an alley fight by a little kid who tried to steal mah shit. We managed to infiltrate the Lotus Dragons’ hideout and when we finally met the great and powerful leader, Rowyn Kellani, she had a business proposition for us. So after a long deliberation of whether this was “the right thing to do” we decided to be double agents. We took jobs with Rowyn to do her bidding for an excellent pay per month. I also made eyes at Rowyn and made out with her at a party later that night. (I am into ladies after all.) She was totally into it.  Meooowwwww.

Rowyn Kellani - she's totally into me.

Lots of stuff happened in between (including a fight where we lured some dudes out of a tavern by propositioning them for sex) but I want to catch you up to where we are now. In our last adventure, we ended up on an island where I got bit by a rabid monkey and got some weird bone spur disease. My intelligence is decreasing everyday…once it reaches zero – I’ll turn into a rabid monster and try to eat my friends. Sexy. Del’s solution? Punching me really hard in the face so I pass out. We all agreed this was best.

What the future holds for me.

The island had a lot of crazy, crazy crap on it. We fought rabid pirates and other weird creatures. Most importantly, we found a lady rogue fighting off a horde of pirate zombies in one of the back caverns. Half of our party thought she was totally hot so we decided to help her out. (What? It’s an excellent way to make life’s decisions.) After the heated battle, she informed us that her compatriot was on his way back to Sasserine to take care of Vanthus and his sister, Lavinia. GASP. We asked the rogue lady to write a note telling her friend to stop it and stuff. She agreed.

Del’s previous life as a sailor provided us with a means to sail the rogue lady’s ship back to town. To our surprise, an enormous celebration was happening in Sasserine. The path to Lavinia’s would be long and annoying. On our trip back, we encountered a runaway flaming float that almost killed a bunch of party goers. Thankfully no one was hurt.  We made it to Lady Lavinia’s home and were shocked (read: not so shocked) to find some gross frog dudes in the front hall of her home. Battle commence.

See that frog? Yeah, that attacked us. And sucked at it.

We ripped through the most of the downstairs ultimately deciding it was best to check out Lady Lavinia’s bedroom. Everyone looked to me (as I had spent the night here previously – IN A GUEST ROOM) so we headed upstairs.  After some frantic searching, we reached the room that Lavinia was in.  She and three other people were tied up in chairs and Cora…poor, poor Cora was clearly dead.  Everyone else was looking pretty crappy too.   An angry Orc rose to meet us.  After some unsuccessful conversations and threats, the situation quickly escalated to a fight. The Orc attacked Lavinia first and unfortunately blinded her with a critical hit. She was pretty much out for the rest of the fight. We all did a pretty good job of beating the crap out of the dudes in this room… but not before Anarne and myself were on the floor bleeding during the fray. (The Orc hit us critically at separate times.) This left us both with some pretty sweet scars. Once the battle was over, I rushed over to Lavinia to make sure she was okay. Obviously she wasn’t too great. We left her in the room with a couple of the Jade Ravens to protect her while we searched the rest of the home.

The incredibly sweet scar I suffered from the battle. Brow to chin yo, brow to chin.

So, our team just defeated a frog lady and her minions in Lavinia’s…lounge? Frog lady was a douche…smoking a cigar while she fought us. Pfft. We showed her who was boss. But now, I’m incredibly curious to talk to Lavinia. There are so many lies, rumors, and mysteries floating around about who to trust. I’m just not sure who to believe anymore. We’ll just have to see what happens in our next run through.  The saga continues…

Anyone out there playing Savage Tide? Did any of your party members succumb to their illness and becoming crazy freaks of the night? Are you with Lavinia or Rowyn…or both?


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