Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×12: Escape From the Nuns and Isabel’s Coming Out Party

In 2×11 Isabel was taken to the convent, tortured, found out Cristina was still alive, beaten for it, and left a secret plea to her sisters to get her the hell out of there.  Episode 2×12 picks up with Isabel lying on the floor of her cell, almost lifeless.  The Reverend Mother and another nun enter into the room as Isabel struggles to say that she needs water.  After a brief conversation between the two nuns, it’s made clear what a dire situation Isabel is in.  The nuns don’t care if she dies at the convent and in fact see it as a viable solution to her “problem”.  Needless to say, they don’t give her water.

Even though I'm like totally dehydrated and stuff, I still manage to look super faaaabulous!

Elsewhere, Almudena and Nieves are contemplating their opportunity to free Isabel.  Lobo is sick in bed and the Lieutenant (who’s on the hunt for Felix’s murderer) are both distracted – now’s the time to act for our daring Lobo sisters.  They saddle up (literally) and take off for the convent.  The two sisters share a humorous scene before heading in where they both take a swig of some alcohol and show the Reverend Mother what’s what.  After a failed attempt to deliver a forged letter from their father, Almudena pulls a gun.  The Reverend Mother tries to play it cool, but Almudena is badass.  She won’t take no for an answer.  The nun takes them up to Isabel’s cell and they run to her side setting the gun down.

You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?

Scene 1

Isabel is in poor shape.  She asks her sisters for water and they give her alcohol.  (I had a really nerdy moment here where I was like – that’s only going to dehydrate her more! Ahem.) But, it seems to do the trick for the moment.  The nun locked the sisters in the room when they set the gun down so the sisters are trying to figure out a way to escape.  Isabel, who’s mother effin’ crazy at this point, glances over at the window and starts ripping the bottom of her potato sack dress.  Isabel tells her sisters to do the same and they all start getting undressed.  What follows is a short montage of everyone taking off their clothes and ripping them up to make a rope.  Classy.  Never change, Tierra de Lobos.

I had to include this gif for the sake of including it. haha

Scene 2

Almudena hops on the rope and asks Isabel if it will hold.  Isabel gives her a look that says so many things but mostly, “Do we have another choice?”  Nieves is first and the girls head out the window.  It’s a long way down.  I know that people wore a lot more clothing during this time than we do now, but it doesn’t seem like they could make a rope that would run the length of the building.  No matter, though.  The sisters make it down safe and sound!  They only make it a few feet when they run into the ring leader of creepdom.  But before she can give any leering glances at Isabel, she screams.  Yes, you heard that right – SHE SCREAMS.  Like a little baby.  Who knew her voice was so high-pitched?  What a weirdo.  Use your words, creeper.


The entire convent comes out into the courtyard and swarms the Lobo sisters.  The nuns are all grabbing at our poor Isabel trying to take her back inside.  Isabel fights a group of them off despite being malnourished, dehydrated, and weak (BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME) and the sisters run for the exit.  The doors are locked.  Desperately, Isabel grabs a torch from the wall and waves it in front of the nuns.  She’s ready to burn some bitches.  The Reverend Mother says she’s going to tell Senor Lobo about this attempt to escape and that Isabel will now be taken back to her cell.  Isabel readies herself to be taken looking quite a bit more hopeless than before.  But, the nun who walks up to her places a key in her hand.  As Isabel looks up, she sees that it’s Cristina!  Hurrah!  Cristina came to save Isabel this time.

I'm pretty sure this is someone's fantasy somewhere.

Cristina: I’ve come for you.

The sisters and Cristina head for the door much to the Reverend Mother’s dismay.  But before anyone can catch them, the ladies have shut the door and locked the nuns inside.  Isabel sticks her face right up to the bars and calls the Reverend Mother sadistic.  Psh, Isabel’s not into that, okay?

Scene 3

The Lobo sisters and Cristina are riding through the forest.  As they come to a stop, Almudena asks what they should do now.  Lobo’s going to find out what they did and neither Cristina nor Isabel can live in Tierra de Lobos peacefully.

Isabel: I can’t go back home.  Father will kill me.

Cristina looks like she’s contemplating what she’s going to say for a split second.  It’s similar to when you’re asking someone out but you’re nervous to do it.  That kind of look.

So I uhhh...kind of like you and stuff.

Cristina: We could…we could go to the brothel.
Isabel: You can’t stay in Tierra de Lobos – it’s too dangerous.
Cristina: It would only be temporary.  Until we can find another place.

Cristina looks serious (and convincing) and Isabel looks down for a moment before meeting Cristina’s gaze again.

Isabel:  Together?
Cristina: Together.

This was by far one of my most favorite looks Cristina has ever given Isabel.  Just look at that adorable smile and that eye contact.  (I even made my own gif this time!) Cristina knows she messed up with Isabel, she doesn’t know if Isabel has forgiven her, yet she’s still hoping that they can be together.  Cristina reaches out to touch Isabel’s cheek.  Isabel grabs her hand and maintains intense eye contact before going in for the kiss.

They’re just so damn cute.  Almudena and Nieves hilariously look away in unison.  Nieves’ face here is particularly funny – you should pay close attention to her in these ‘gay’ scenes.  Cristina pulls away from Isabel’s face with nothing but joy painted on her face.

Cristina:  I will talk to Lola.  Wait for me behind the church.

And let’s all take a moment to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE together.  Le sigh.

Cristina rides off and Isabel watches longingly as she goes.  I’m pretty sure Isabel’s horse has a thing for Cristina too.  It’s always freaking out when she’s around.  Notice how it tries to take off after her.  Isabel turns to her sisters and thanks them before turning to look into the direction Cristina just took off in.  Almudena notices.

Yup. I'm totally gay with Cristina.

Almudena: Do you really love a woman?

Isabel looks down and then almost with tears in her eyes nods and tells them that she does.  Nieves being…well Nieves tells her that she just hasn’t found the right guy yet.  Almudena gives Nieves a great look and rolls her eyes.  (Is anyone else totally in love with Almudena?  She’s been rocking my world these past few episodes.)  Isabel reacts like most lesbians do, she ignores the comment and asks what they’re going to do about their father.  Lobo’s not going to be happy about their escapades.  Almudena explains that he’s going to kill her first for marrying Caesar.  Oh you Lobo sisters.  And they’re off!

Scene 4

Isabel is sleeping on Cristina’s bed at the brothel.  Cristina is ever so gently cleaning Isabel’s wounds while Lola brings her fresh water.  I would like to take a moment to point out that this is the stuff lesbian fan fiction is made of.  I can’t tell you how many people hoped something like this would happen and BAM, here it is.  Way to go TDL writers.  You’re doing it right.

Whoa, those nuns really did a number on Isabel's legs. That is a crime.

Lola is freaking out behind Cristina about them being there, but Cristina is distracted.  She tells Lola they knew they could count on her.  As Lola exits, Isabel’s eyes start to flicker open.  She looks up and sees Cristina caring for her and smiles.  A smile that says, you’re alive, you’re caring for me, you came for me, you love me.  Isabel reaches over and grabs Cristina’s hand.


Isabel:  Thank you.

Cristina smiles and lets her gaze linger on Isabel for a moment before turning back to her wounds.  Isabel gets serious.

Isabel: When my father told me you were dead…
Cristina: Shhhhh (placing her finger on Isabel’s lips)

As Cristina turns back to the wounds again she shakes her head looking hurt.

Cristina: What have those witches done to you?


Cristina kisses Isabel’s stomach and then moves to her hand.  You can tell Cristina just wants Isabel to be better and it hurts her to see her in this condition.  Isabel grabs for Cristina and they share a tender kiss.

Cristina: Relax now.  I will take care of you.

Major swoon.  Isabel curls up into Cristina’s arms and embraces her.  The two hold each other tight in a way that only two lovers could who thought they’d never see each other again.  It’s incredibly sweet and one of my favorite scenes between them so far.  I know I say this every week about something, but it was such a tender and honest moment between them.  We know it’s true love 4 lyfe.

The previews for next week don’t look good.  (And by don’t look good, I mean they look really good.)  Cristina has a gun in her face again.  WTF?  I’m so tired of that.  STOP TRYING TO SHOOT CRISTINA.  God.   And it looks as though our two ladies find themselves in hot water…again.  I’m nervous.  Say a little prayer for our ladies, okay?

I just couldn’t make a ton of jokes about this one.  My heart was just so touched.  I’m such a sucker for this show.

Scenes from this week:



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10 responses to “Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×12: Escape From the Nuns and Isabel’s Coming Out Party

  1. ad

    May I point out that Cristina looked like a gorgeous female Zorro in the forest scene?

  2. ClearRx

    Ahhhhh Just wanted to say that I really love your recaps 🙂 Your commentary on the Cristabel scenes somehow make them even more enjoyable… Plus they make the unpleasant parts of the episode er…..less unpleasant? (Yeah, I don’t really have a gift for words >>;;)

    Anyways, just wanted to leave a comment to show my appreciation. Those captioned pictures alone deserve an award. (I especially liked the reference to the wicked witch)

    Heres to hoping nothing bad happens to Cristina next episode (like say, her dying from being shot ._.;; that would suck.)

    • Meghann

      Thank you! And I really hope nothing bad happens to Cristina either. And by bad, I hope she doesn’t die. I love the drama on this show but does it always have to be a gun to the face? I don’t know how much more I can take! We’ll just have to anxiously await the next episode – I hope they post it early. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say like many of yours delighted readers all around the world that I love your TDL’s recaps. As usual, your words are damn right and always interesting. Further, your lovely way to say the things help me to improve my english that unfortunately is not so good – i’m french. So please, please, be indulgent with me, I’ll try my first… commentary about this stunning spanish tv’ show !

    So, I wanted to say that, imo, Cristina have no much doubts about Isabel’s love since a little bit of time. If you still remember, when she spoke with Isabel’s sisters for help in the shop last week, she said that after she seduced Isabel, she fall in love with her like Isabel fall in love, too. Cristana is a whore and she has obviously a very good sense of human’s feelings. Even if Isabel doesn’t know herself the depht of her new overwhelming, Cristina don’t forget that Isabel have returned to save her at the brothel after she confessed her first plan. She knows also that the proud Isabel Lobo didn’t forgot her betrayal easily or kissed a cheek with so many tenderness if she was only attracted by her. Maybe it’s the reason why in that episode she doesn’t want that Isabel say more and she place her finger on her lips ; not only because she’s in pain for Isabel to know that a father can say something as cruel than : “my dear daughter, your love is dead, i gave the order to kill her.”. For me, if Cristina is actually anxious to say : “we can go to the brothel” it’s more because the judgment of Nieves about her dirty work than because she thinks than Isabel could have forget her or something else.

    But you’re right also. Love makes all of us vulnerable and uncertain. Lovers need proofs of love. Besides, I don’t know if it’s me but, just after Isabel kissed Cristina, when Cristina turns and looks a second at the sisters, it seems like a “Okay the two, I’ve been right or not ?!”. 😉

  4. Meghann

    Hi! Thank you so much!

    As for your comments, yes – that’s a very good point. Cristina doesn’t have the most reputable profession… I hadn’t thought of it like that so I appreciate your insight! (It’s probably the hopeless romantic in me that reads everything the way I do haha).

    As for Cristina’s turn to the sisters – I almost thought when she turned she was checking to see if they were going to do something/react. I mean, it was pretty ballsy to kiss Isabel in front of her sisters…even if Isabel started it. I would look over too to be like ‘ummmmm – hope that was okay!’ haha But I like the idea of her giving them an ‘I told you so’ glance better!

    I appreciate you leaving your thoughts on here! 🙂

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  6. loved this episode and the gifs you posted.
    especially the one of almudena and nieves stripping down! hahahhaa

  7. This episode was by turns hilarious, shocking and moving. And the post (and visuals) were spot on.

  8. thelastbrownie

    OMG! Almudena maybe the missing third wheel! (Ok. that was my imagination!!!)

    I love the scenes between Cristina and Isabel. They seem so real, so loving. I really want them to end up together.

    If Isabel won’t end up with Cristina then she can just be locked up with the nuns!!! (or with me lolllllllllll)

    I want their ship to succeed so badly……

    Dear Isabel,

    Please don’t give up on Cristina.
    You both so hot together… X____X

    I’m looking forward to knowing if/how lesbian relationships worked during the colonial era.

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