Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×13: Cristina’s Life is Threatened…Again.

When last we met, romance all around!  Well, and danger too.  Cristina, Nieves, and Almudena rescued Isabel from the convent and rode off into the forest on their mighty steeds.  There was a lot of uncertainty in the air, but we know Isabel and Cristina are hiding out in the brothel (in Tierra de Lobos) until they can figure out what to do next.

The Set-Up

One of the nuns (from the convent no less) shows up with some “news” for Senor Lobo.  They speak privately and Nieves watches nervously from the courtyard.  Mmmm girl – you in trouble.  Elena notices that Nieves is visibly distressed and asks her what’s wrong and Nieves is like, “STFU peon” but without actually saying any words.

Strangers in the niiiight, exchanging glances...

(You know…the two of them – that’s almost a ship I kind of want to set sail on.  Just for the drama of it all.  Is that weird?)

Lobo lets Nieves know that Isabel has escaped the convent.  He’s clearly trying to get answers from her or trying to get her to confess.  While they are speaking, the nun is having an intense staring contest with Nieves.  (Seriously, watch that scene – her face never changes.)  I don’t blame her.  In fact, I would volunteer to deliver news to the Lobo household just so I could lie for the sisters and then make them date me.  That’s how it works, right?  Eventually Elena comes to her rescue and gives her a pretty solid alibi.

Hey girl, heeeey.

Scene 1

Lobo still needs to find out where Isabel went so he seeks out Sebastian in the brothel.  For as big of a douche as Sebastian is, I do feel kind of bad that he’s Lobo’s bitch boy.  That guy can’t get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T from anyone.  Whatever, that’s my one moment of sympathy – he’s still a douche.  As Lobo exits the brothel, we see Cristina peeking out the door watching him go.  She carefully closes the door and turns around to Isabel to let her know that her father was just outside.  Isabel looks worried.

Say wha?

Cristina: We can’t stay here, it’s too dangerous.
Isabel: I know it’s dangerous.  But where else can we go?
Cristina: Far away.  The further away the better.

Isabel shoots her an unimpressed look but listens as Cristina speaks.

Cristina: I have a good friend in Barcelona – surely she could help us.
Isabel: How can we get to Barcelona?  We have no money and no horses.

Isabel is definitely the realist here.  Who knew Cristina was such a dreamer?  Clearly the woman knows no bounds.  Both are caught off guard by the handle to the door starting to move.  Cristina moves back next to Isabel and grabs her arm.  I love how Cristina still hides behind Isabel even at a time like this.  It’s so freaking cute – especially since Cristina is actually taller than her.  Isabel is a force to be reckoned with, ya’ll.  Even so, the two look incredibly frightened and worried.  Luckily, it’s only another prostitute coming to tell them that Lobo is looking for Isabel.  Both ladies relax and understand that whatever they’re going to do, they need to do it soon.  Isabel slumps down on the bed grounded by the reality of the situation.  Cristina comforts Isabel by embracing her and resting her chin on Isabel’s head.  Cute explosion.

So effing gorgeous even when they're scared.

Scene 2

Sebastian is at the brothel telling his posse the low down: Find Isabel Lobo.  As they set out on the search, Sebastian starts a conversation with the prostitute who warned Isabel and Cristina earlier.  He notices her nervousness and plays with her a bit.  Seeing the opportunity when she walks around the corner, he pins her against the wall with a knife to her face.  She gives up the whereabouts of Crisabel pretty quickly.  (Honestly, I don’t blame her.  Sebastian was threatening to cut out her eyes and being his usual charming self.)

Just another day at the office.

Sebastian strolls up to their room and bursts through the door.  Isabel is standing their shocked and Sebastian looks pleased with himself.  The two stand in silence for a short moment before Isabel says she’ll pay Sebastian more than what her father is paying him.  At this she gives Cristina away by shifting her eyes to a corner in the room.  Sebastian and Cristina lock eyes – he looks scared and surprised for a minute.  Isabel runs over to Cristina just as one of Sebastian’s men appears asking if he’s found anything.  Sebastian regains his cool and denies that he’s found anyone (and for good reason) and shuts the door as he leaves.

Okay okay - so I just wanted an excuse to take another screencap of them together. They're just so serious this episode.

Scene 3

Cristina and Isabel are packing their things.  Cristina knows she escaped Sebastian once, but that he definitely won’t let her go a second time.

Isabel: Why did he just leave like that?
Cristina: I don’t know.  But I’m telling you, Sebastian doesn’t forgive twice.

At that, Cristina bolts for the door and is immediately met with a gun to her face.  That brings the count up to three! (And each time is worse than the previous.)

Here we go again...

Isabel: Don’t do it, please.
Sebastian: Get out of here – you don’t want to see this.

Sebastian cocks his gun and forces Cristina back until she’s half laying down on the bed.

Cristina: Go Isabel
Isabel: Cristina…
Cristina: Go…

The way Isabel says “Cristina” is just heartbreaking.  Isabel walks up to Sebastian and grabs his chest.

Isabel: We will leave, please, I swear…

Sebastian pushes Isabel away.  He is shaking and and angry – he looks like he’s trying very hard to keep it together.

Sebastian: (to Cristina) I should’ve killed you back in the forest.

Isabel now seeing her opportunity as Sebastian struggles begins to calmly talk him down.

Isabel: But you didn’t.  So you will have to kill me first.  Or my father will find out.
Sebastian: GET OUT OF HERE!

He kind of looks like a gremlin.

I’ve never seen Sebastian look more scary than he does right here.  Also, never have I felt that Cristina could die as much as I did right here.  Cristina is now even more scared as Sebastian’s anger has increased (therefore making him a bit more unpredictable).  Isabel pleads with him and we can see the inner turmoil written on his face.  He’s really trying to follow through but just can’t bring himself to do it.

Isabel: You’ll have to kill me too.  If you want to save your own life, you’ll have to save ours first.  Please…

Sebastian turns and looks at Isabel and forcefully pushes his gun back at Cristina’s forehead.  But Sebastian doesn’t shoot.  He slowly lowers his gun down her face and back away.  Cristina’s breathing is quick and labored and she’s crying.  Once the door finally shuts, Isabel runs to Cristina on the bed and tightly embraces her.  Cristina is sobbing uncontrollably.  Both are crying and squeeze each other tightly as Isabel lets Cristina know that it’s over.

As a side note, this entire scene was incredibly well-acted and one of the most tense moments I’ve seen on tv…anywhere.

Scene 4

Cristina and Isabel are saying goodbye to Lola and it’s clear that they are getting the heck out of town and never coming back.  Cristina rightfully says that they shouldn’t have trusted Sebastian.  Duh.  But, alas when you’re two lesbian lovers on the run in a 19th century Spanish western, help is hard to come by.  Fortunately, Sebastian comes running down the hall letting the ladies know he has secured horses for them to escape.  He sends Isabel to the back to check for Lobo’s men.  As she runs off, Sebastian grabs Cristina’s attention and punches her in the face knocking her out.  As she falls to the ground, Sebastian barks for Lola to hide her in the room since Lobo is coming.

This isn't the best screencap I've ever taken but I thought it looked pretty hilarious...

Senor Lobo strolls around the corner and demands to know where his daughter is.  Before he can respond, Isabel rushes back around the corner and stops in her tracks.  She looks at her father and then looks at Sebastian with shock and an “I’M GONNA KILL YOU” look.  No more words are exchanged.


Isabel’s Fate at the Close of Season 2

Isabel is locked in the room upstairs.  She’s yelling and shouting for someone to let her out.  Lobo, Nieves, and Rosa all sit around the table only making eye contact with each other.  Nieves breaks the silence by asking her father if he plans on keeping her up there forever.  He explains that Isabel is going back to the convent.  (NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo – NO.)  Rosa and Nieves both say WTF with their eyes as Nieves excuses herself from the table.  Nieves heads upstairs and speaks to Isabel through the door.  It’s a fruitless conversation where Isabel feels defeated and Nieves is trying to talk some “sense” into her.

Nah, the door still won't open - even from that angle.

Later, Elena comes to bring Isabel some food.  Nieves sneaks in behind her and the two sisters hug.  Isabel asks about Almudena and then about Cristina.  (Isabel must be worried SICK, yo.  She has no idea if Sebastian went after her again.)  Nieves is a total biatch to Elena (per usual) and tells Isabel to get her things as they’re going to escape.  Elena rushes to the door, shuts it, and blocks the exit.  Elena talks some sense into the girls letting them know that their escape plan is dumb (but without actually saying that.)  Nieves amps up her queen biatch and narrows in on Elena as Elena rolls her eyes at Nieves.  Nieves explains that Elena is the one who’s going to convince Senor Lobo that Isabel should not go back to the convent.

Elena's eyeroll. If I could've make a gif of this, I would have. haha

Isabel is sitting on a couch in plain view of Lobo as he walks into the room.  He asks her what’s she doing there and demands to know who let her out.  Elena pipes in from behind him and let’s him know that it was her.  The two send Isabel out of the room and have a talk.  Elena lays down the law for Lobo and essentially tells him that if he wants to marry her, he needs to be more compassionate.  I think there’s a prince song for this.  (Well maybe not totally true to the lyrics – but I’d like to imagine that Elena is exerting her “power”.)

Me too, Isabel. Me too.

Later on, Isabel is being escorted down the stairs to the carriage that’s waiting for her.  I think we’re to assume this carriage is going to take her back to the convent.  Though, before she gets to the door she collapses as Nieves pleads with her father.  Lobo glances over at Elena and tells the girls to wait.  Lobo walks up to Isabel and tells her that he will never forgive her for what she’s done.  Isabel looks away hurt (again) by her father’s cruel words.  He counters this and reminds Isabel that he is her father and that she doesn’t have to go back to the convent if she doesn’t want to.  But ya’ll know that Lobo isn’t just a kind-hearted member of PFLAG just yet.  He surprises everyone by revealing that the condition in which Isabel can stay is by marrying a man of Lobo’s choosing.  The choice is Isabel’s.

Wow.  Crappy.  Marry a dude or be tortured by sadistic nuns.  Damn.

This is all I have to say to that.

What about option three?  Escape into the forest with Cristina and live happily ever after?  I want that option.  But my friends, this is where leave off with the story!  Cristina is lying somewhere unconscious in the brothel.  Isabel has a crappy decision ahead of her.  And the two are going to have to continue their secret love affair.  It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a coming out party any time soon.  Isabel is a smart cookie, though.  I know she has something clever up her sleeve.  I’m very excited to see where this story goes considering that the writers have stayed true to all the characters (and thankfully haven’t killed Cristina off)!

What did you think of the episode?  How do you feel about our long wait until the next season?

Note: Telecino has really been cracking down on the youtube user accounts.  It’s much harder to find Crisabel clips now let alone clips with subtitles.  All of the clips I’ve previously posted in my blogs have been taken down and removed.  I find this all really diappointing but mostly because those users spent a lot of time translating and providing those subtitles.  So, no subtitled clips this week.

A final note as Season 2 comes to an end

I strongly encourage you to check out the full episodes of Tierra de Lobos.  You can watch them all through their website at www.telecino.com/tierradelobos.  Even though my love for Cristina and Isabel runs deep the show on its own is really, really good too.  There aren’t any subtitled episodes available online, however the acting is excellent.  You’d be surprised at how much you understand through facial expressions, movements, setting, etc.  Aside from that, there are also full episode recaps in English that can help you understand the story.  Cougar writes them on the AE website and she’s gotten all the way through 2×11 so far.  It sounds like all the Crisabel fans are pulling together now to help keep the recaps going.  It’s a good community!

I can’t seem to find out the official start date of the next season, but I will put up a post as soon as I find out.  The preview at the end of 2×13 was for Season 3, so we know they’ve been shooting.  Many of us want to take this as a sign of an earlier season premiere date.  Otherwise, I think we’re all going to go a little crazy waiting for next September to roll around.  If you want to join the conversation and stay up to date on Crisabel recaps, info, etc your two best (and most reliable) resources will be:

Crisabel Fans International (on Facebook)
This group updates daily.  It’s the number one spot I go for new episodes etc.  Everyone is really nice and welcoming.  It is also the most conducive to chatting back and forth.

The AfterEllen Isabel and Cristina Thread
You’ll find a lot of the same updates, but there is still great conversation here and where you’ll also find Cougar’s recaps.  There was a point where AE covered some of Crisabel’s story in snapcaps too.

Thank you so much for reading my recaps through this season!  It’s been great hearing from many of you and I appreciate you stopping in to help support such an awesome show!



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27 responses to “Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×13: Cristina’s Life is Threatened…Again.

  1. D

    Hey! I´m a usual reader of AE and the crisabel thread 😉 as I´m from Spain and fluent in english ( eventhough I would like to practice it more often) I tought that I could give a hand with the translation of the episodes.
    I have never registered to AE and as I tried to do it so that I could post on the thread and coordinate efforts 😉 when I go to de Join now! page it tells me that my acces is denied…. no idea why
    Anyway.. I know what it is to like a show and not being able to enjoy it because of the language so I decided to hunt down some of the usual posters of the thread (you´re the lucky one!) and ask you to be my voice over AE… can you please ask them if they are still needing a translation for episode 2X04? or even better, see if anyone knows why can´t I join in AE?

    • Meghann

      Hi! Yes, I will happily help you communicate with the other folks through the AE thread! I’m going to go ahead and email you at the address you provided for this comment and then you can e-mail me what you’d like to say there. 🙂 I will write what you’ve asked me to here…let me know if there’s anything else. Thanks for stopping in!

    • Meghann

      Also – I’m happy to try and create an account for you. I sent an email to your personal address. IF you let me know what username and email you’d like to use through there (so it’s private) – I’ll try to do it for you! Maybe that’ll help?

  2. Hi !

    I haven’t found the final as good as some others episodes. Because i’m a huge fan of sci-fi series which often have very good cliffhangers or maybe because the screenwriters are running through the borders of the “soap”, I don’t know… But, as usual with TDL, something is keeping my attention and blowing my mind at the end. I find especially the scene with the gun incredibly well acted too. So, I don’t know if the season 3 will be as interesting as all of us are hoping for, but I’m quite sure that at least Adriana Torrebejano is at the beginning of a big career, and it’s a big chance to have such a great actress – and lovely person ! – to play Isabel.

    (ps) : It’s again possible to see the 2×13 recap with eng subs at yougetwhatyougive channel on YT but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to mentionne the link here ? It’s up to you !

    • Meghann

      I know! I feel like the end of this was intense enough to keep me in suspense but not pulling my hair out. haha

      As for the video, yes – I opted to not post it directly in the blog post for fear that it might be taken down again. But, indeed! Thank you for posting the direct link. 🙂

  3. ,
    Hello there!

    I discovered Crisabel a few weeks ago on YouTube, and your site was one of the first I found that dedicated itself to this wonderful love story. I’ve since joined Crisabel International and the AfterEllen thread, but I keep coming back to your blog. I usually don’t post comments, I’m mostly a ‘lurker’ : -) but I just had to tell you your blog is excellent! I love your recaps, your insights, and your LOL humor!

    Perhaps, as we await TDL Season 3, you can turn your sharp wit and terrific writing skills to Crisabel fanfic. 😉

    Thanks again for the enjoyable narrative of Tierra de Crisabel!

    • Meghann

      Thank you for stopping in and for saying such nice things! I’ve never written fanfic before but me thinks I should try my hand at it…I can already see the gifs now… 🙂 They’re such a great pairing!

      I’ll hopefully be posting a ‘Best Moments’ post next week (granted I can get my act together) so we won’t be completely devoid of material yet. haha

  4. you’re the best for posting!

  5. Sarah

    Did anyone notice, that the robe Isabel is wearing at the beginning and when Seb came by the first time is the same that Cristina wore in 2×05 when Isabel spent the first night with her. OMG that’s so sweet!!! *swoon*

  6. hoppetosse

    Hi Meghann,
    thanks for your blog. Love the storyline and moreover am totally grateful that some great women are working on full episodes translations. I know how much work goes into it, as I translated with others the german Jemma story into english and other languages. Soooo…. big kudos to all of you, who do their part, be it blogs, gifs or translations and timing 😉
    (I’m not on AE so I can’t deliver my appreciation to the rest of you, but hope my heartfelt thanks will find their way anyway 😉 greetz hoppe

    • Meghann

      Hi! Yes, I would agree – I am so grateful for all the hardwork everyone is doing for this storyline and show. It’s so neat to watch a fandom come together like this! 🙂 thanks for the kind words – i’m sure they’ll make their way around 😉

  7. Jasmin

    I’d marry your Humour if I could … er … That wasn’t weird, was it?

  8. bazuka74

    Hi Meghann, I’m Ira (I’m Russian but live in England for 12 years now), so as u can imagine I’m so very grateful to everyone who’s done English subs (would u believe it I actually found some Russian subs as well, even though I wasn’t even looking for them, lol)

    Also I’d like to say big thank u too ‘coz of such unselfish & kind people like u people like me don’t have to straggle to understand foreign shows like TdL.

    However, the actors are so awesome u can understand a lot without subs actually, I watched Crisabel without any subs for the 1st time & have to say I got about 80-85% of what was going on,.. yeah, yeah very modest of me I know… 😛

    I’m a bit worried about what awaits the girls in the 3rd season, nothing good I suppose with papa Lobo in the picture, a lot of suffering… again, but anything is better than that convent with that Mother & that Creepezoid in there, she’s so freaking scary, that… woman (or whatever she is O.O)

    Thank u again Meghann & plz don’t give up your posts, they are the funniest & the clearest I’ve found so far. 🙂

    P.S my favourite episode still remains the one from the 1st Season, where Isabel caught that wolf, told Annibal to close his fly, went to the brothel to celebrate it, drunk Annibal under the table there, oh… & where she’s noticed some nice boobs there as well, lolol!.. I think that episode was quintessential to disclosing Isabel’s character to all of us, what a gem she really is, Cristina is so damn lucky.

    • Meghann

      Thank you so much! And yes, I love that episode too!

      The characters on this show are just so great and Isabel is so damn likable. I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait until September. haha

      Happy you’re enjoying the posts! I haven’t written some in awhile because you know – life happens. But at the very least, I’ll be continuing my recaps when the show comes back on. 🙂

      • Irina Andrews

        That’s all I want… 😉

        Yeah, it would be tough for me if the show is back in September ‘coz I could be still in Russia visiting my mum & friends… Match is sooooo much better for so many reasons.

        I don’t get it how such a young actress as Adriana is delivering such a full mature character as Isabel’s (well, I’m not saying that Isabel is 50 but still very mature)… come to think of it, Silvia is also only 22 IRL, so… I love them all to bits.

        I’ve started watching all the episodes now, watched the very first one yesterday (without subs) but thanks to Cougar’s recaps it’s all fine & I get what’s going on… I am mainly after the developing of the characters, their interactions with each other & not after every single word translated for me… haha.

        For example I was very surprised to discover that Cristina was on the show right from the very 1st episode… nice surprise I might add.

        Anyway, Meghann take care for now & hopefully ttyl at some stage when you’re free to do so, ok?

        Kindest Regards,


  9. Irina Andrews

    …sorry, I meant *March* is so much better for so many reasons… 😉

  10. azher

    thank you so much for what you do for us

  11. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily
    basis. It’s always exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice a little something from their

  12. Arbeena

    your written episodes are more beautiful & touching Then The videos …So please & please
    Write season 3 episodes as u did for season1,2
    I beg you please 😥

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