2011: The Year of the Corset

I’ve been thinking a lot about this past year, and just just how monumental 2011 was for me. I know that most people are done with their “best-ofs” and other lists by the end of December, but it’s not like I’ve paid much mind to those sorts of restrictions in the past. I’m also a terrible procrastinator (those Christmas cards haven’t even been addressed yet. Damn.).

Don’t box me in, man.

Now that we’re 10 days into 2012 I’m ready to present to you,

Things I didn’t Expect in 2011

I didn’t expect:

To be writing for a blog (albeit irregularly).

That I’d be part of an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons game, and that my character would be so blessed to have skills & feats such as “stunning fist” and “flurry of blows.” (Check out Meghann’s posts for more. You’ll thank me later.)

That I’d be commissioned to make embroidery pieces.

That I’d end up with so many scars.

To go to Cape Cod.

That I would officiate a wedding (I’m so lucky to have been a part of that).

… That I wouldn’t remember parts of the reception (uh… thanks again for taking care of me, ladies).

… That I’d end up with a chunk of glass in my foot (you’re a true friend, M). It’s the ultimate souvenir.

I really wanted to know what Annie Lennox was talking about.

… That I’d have such a hard time summing that trip up; I am really thankful for the beautiful people I met (and the delicious lobster I consumed).

To start my other sleeve already.

To have reason to wear a corset regularly (er, again…).

That I would be giving walking tours of any kind, let alone historical ones.

I’d start a business based on said tours (with a righteous friend/business partner, I might add). While working a full-time job, whoa.

That we would be on the radio and in newspapers promoting our business.

That my righteous business partner and I would be considering expanding our business in bold new ways.

We mean business, y'all.

That our business would end up in incredible partnerships with other businesses, organizations and individuals (and that we’d be welcomed so warmly by our community).

That those partnerships would lead to things like planning a big-ass fundraising event, and modeling for a drawing “class” at a bar whilst wearing my Victorian underwear.

Looks like 2011 became The Year of the Corset for me. Many thanks to everyone who had a part of making 2011 one of the most memorable & fun of my life. ♥

What did you do in 2011 that took you by surprise?



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8 responses to “2011: The Year of the Corset

  1. This makes me sooo happy! I love you! Congratulations on a brilliant and sexy year!!!

  2. Diana

    Sara, I know I’ve told you this before, but you rock! I’m in awe of all the amazing things you started in 2011 and want you to know that I am cheering you on even when I’m not around. 2011 wasn’t the greatest year for me, but I started taking art classes, so that counts for something, right? ❤

    • Sara


      Thank you so much for this. I can tell you’re cheering, even when you can’t be present, and I appreciate that more than words can express. I’m so impressed that you’ve started taking art classes– that’s so awesome! I hope you know that I’m cheering for you, too. 🙂

      ♥ sara

  3. Meghann

    Sara. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done this year and so proud to call you my friend. You and M have started something special and I’m so excited to see what big things await you in the future. I think you’re knocking the socks off of everyone in your life right now throwing these awesome surprises at them. We love you!

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