Tierra De Lobos – Isabel and Cristina: Season 2 Best Moments Part 1

So, Season 2 of Tierra de Lobos is over.  (Cue the fainting, sobbing, etc) While across the world we’re all mourning the loss of a regular Crisabel storyline on our televisions and computers, I thought I’d provide you with some fangirl recaps to help get you through this trying time.  Below are pictures (and animated gifs) of some of my favorite moments from this past season.  (In no particular order of course.  No way am I being the one to rank these moments – I don’t have the brain space to do that…but feel free to do so!)

Episode 2×02

Isabel catches Cristina bathing while searching for Rosa and we officially find out that she’s definitely attracted to ladies. (Read as a collective cheer across the world.)  Turns out Anibal was just a lesbro AS WE ALL ALREADY KNEW.  Duh.


Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • First and foremost, look at dem eyes!
  • Cristina knows Isabel is watching her but continues bathing anyways.  I think we can safely say this is where her seduction of Isabel began. Lady was thinkin’ on her feet (and with her bod-ay).
  • Isabel is straight up staring at Cristina and when she’s caught, she barely reacts.  She just walks away.

She’s a mother effin’ Lobo, son.

Episode 2×04 The Meet-Up

Cristina confronts Isabel and tells her she wants her body too.  Yee.

Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • I like ladies who are forward.  Cristina just walks up to her with an “I know you want it” attitude and was just like BAM.  Here it is.
  • Isabel was playing hard to get here and Cristina was all like, “You’re not fooling anyone.”  But you know, without actually saying that.
  • Cristina is very gentle with Isabel.  She is a smart woman with excellent seduction skills.  Gently asking “Are you sure?” and being persistent in the most nonthreatening way possible.  Isabel is putty in her hands.
  • The hand on the heart!  One of my all time favorite moments.  Hands touching.  The rising music.  The intense eye contact.  You can’t honestly try and make me believe that Cristina didn’t feel anything in this moment.  (Seriously, it’s useless to try and tell me otherwise even though it’s a completely valid argument to say she didn’t.  I’m a hopeless romantic, remember?)

This pretty accurately illustrates how I feel about this storyline.

Episode 2×05 The Kiss

While Isabel is running from the soldiers in the brothel, she hits a dead end.  When all seems lost, Cristina pops out of her room and pulls Isabel back and pushes her up against the door urging her to be quiet.

Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • Cristina saves Isabel.  But in that, she’s totally chill the entire time she does it.
  • Isabel sweetly telling Cristina she doesn’t want to get her in trouble.
  • Cristina’s delightful smile and “too late for that” before planting an enormous kiss on Isabel.  Girl didn’t have time to think over whether being gay was okay or not.  Once you kiss Cristina, there’s no going back.
  • Cristina’s smile as Isabel exits the room.   She knows she totally has Isabel in the palm of her hand and is having fun seducing her.

Episode 2×05 The Second Kiss

Isabel returns to Cristina’s room after their close call at the brothel.  She wants to thank Cristina for saving her life.  Uh huh.  Cristina asks her again if she’s sure she doesn’t want anything else.  Isabel is done resisting.

Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • I love seeing the range of emotions on Isabel’s face.  She is conflicted, yet she’s ignoring everything that’s telling her this is wrong.  I mean, she went to the priest who told her she was going to burn in hell.  Yet, here she is – standing up  to her fears because DEAR LORD, this is Cristina we’re talking about.
  • Cristina continues to be incredibly gentle with Isabel.  Isabel treats her similarly.  This scene was so tastefully done.  The two actresses conveyed a lot of emotions here that ranged from nervous to excited to OHMYGODISTHISREALLYHAPPENING.
  • The kiss itself was lovely.  So much build-up.  The music crescendos at the exact right moment.  Swoon.
  • And unlike some of the other sex scenes on this show, I like that this first time was private for the ladies.  It wasn’t over dramatized at all or put in for some fantasy lesbian scenario.  The writers really treated it respectfully and honestly.  It was very sweet.

Episode 2×07 Sexy Time in the Morning

The episode opens with Cristina and Isabel lying in bed together clearly after a night of sweet, sweet lesbian love was had.  Isabel is awake but Cristina is still sleeping.  What follows is a delightful scene between the two enjoying the fruits of blissful first love.  (God I sound like a middle school sex ed teacher.)

Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • Isabel is clearly smitten with Cristina…as if that weren’t already apparent.  She watches Cristina sleep and instead of being weirded out, Cristina enjoys the fact that someone is so in love with her.  And in line with that, I love the tone in Cristina’s voice when she asks “Were you watching me sleep?”.  It’s more happy and playful than accusatory.  
  • Cristina’s line, “You deserve this and so much more.” marked a real visible turning point for me in her character development.   She is an excellent seductress (and sure, maybe this means I would just be part of the long line of people to fall victim to her games) but there was a realness about the tone she took.  Her face became serious and she seemed so genuine.  Plus, they ended up having more sweet lady love after this so that seems like a pretty good sign to me.
  • An unfortunate but still great part about this scene was Isabel defending her lady from Sebastian.  She’s such a protector.
  • Overall, this marked a great point for the fandom.  Cristina and Isabel weren’t being pushed to the back burner like so many lesbian couples are when they finally hook up.  The writers were expanding on the relationship and as we would see in later episodes continued on with that trend.

At this point, the entire fandom decided this was too good to be true.  Bad stuff was going to happen.  We weren’t going to get anymore Crisabel fun.  And we all were feeling like we were about to go over the edge.

There really are no words for a Tyra animated gif. This just says it all.


But we were wrong!  In my next segment, we’ll pick back up with the moments when the town is going to crap, Lobo disowns Isabel, and the nuns of doom come at our hero full force.  Of course, we won’t be talking about any of those things – just all the happy stuff that happened in between.  So stay tuned!



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11 responses to “Tierra De Lobos – Isabel and Cristina: Season 2 Best Moments Part 1

  1. Another terrific – and very funny – recap! This definitely helped with my Crisabel withdrawal symptoms. Look forward to the next ‘Best Moments’ installment.

    Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. parkgate

    I follow your recaps with great pleasure, including the D&D ones. I very much enjoy your views on the Crisabel story line.
    I’ve been watching these Season 2 episodes very closely… only because I’m helping to translate them, you understand… And I’ve come to the conclusion that Cristina is into women but she hasn’t found anyone in Tierra de Lobos who’ll respond to her personal, private desires.
    When she first sees Isabel gawking at her, she assumes Isabel is a shy client and thus turns to her, offering her “wares”. The next time they meet, in the store, Cristina correctly interprets Isabel’s attraction (and innocence) and starts seducing the poor innocent Lobita for her own pleasure. Both these encounters happen before Lobo cuts her loose, which is when I think the rather contrived s/l of the blackmail arises. Cristina decides to “catch two birds”: satisfy her own private desires and shame Lobo via Isabel. The heartbeat scene happens after the Lobo debacle, and here Cristina is definitely seducing Isabel but not only for blackmail, but also for her own pleasure, which is why she seems so affected by the encounter.
    You’ll have to forgive my rambling, but I absolutely adore Cristina’s character so I pay extra attention to her scenes, for translating purposes of course…
    Anyway, I look forward to your next recap.

    • Meghann

      Thank you!
      I really like your interpretation. A lot! It makes the most sense for how I’ve been interpreting Cristina’s feelings and actions. I’m going to go back and watch everything again with that mindset. Very cool. 🙂

  3. Caroline

    Gurlll STAPH!!! no just kidding keep them coming because I love everything that you have written. Have I mentioned that you are HA-lirious??? Well you are 😉 Can’t wait for part 2!!

  4. tyra lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDD

  5. Michelle

    You just made me laugh soooo hard!!!!!
    That’s a gift ya know….:and so are you, my sweet friend! 🙂

  6. memi

    Loved your review, Meghann. I´m a desperate brazilian fan of Crisabel and your words make me miss them even more… So let me ask you: Are we going to have the “Best Moments Part 2” ? I would love to read that 😉

    • Meghann

      Hopefully soon! I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to keep up. 😦 No matter what I’ll continue writing my recaps when it comes back on, though! 🙂

  7. Liyana

    Tierra de lobos is back! Aka Crisabel! After I found out they’re back, first thing I did was check your blog to see if there was any recaps. Miss your reviews. Hope you’ll do a new review/recap soon!

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