Dungeons and Dragons: Carrion Crown Update

I haven’t been good about keeping up with my Dungeons and Dragons recaps lately.  There really isn’t a good excuse.   A lot of really amazing things have been happening in both games and the only thing I can blame is Terraria.  Well, and a little bit of Skyrim…but mostly Terraria.  Don’t judge.

In other words, I've been sitting in front of my computer like this mining fake ore for 2 weeks straight.

Currently in our Carrion Crown campaign, we are traversing through the ‘Trial of the Beast’.  There’s this crazy stitched together monster that everyone thinks is guilty of all these terrible crimes (ie murder) and it’s up to us to defend him.  We think he’s innocent!  Call it instinct.  We’ve gotten into some fun trouble but I want to share some quick highlights from this current playthrough.

  • Before setting off to Lepidstadt, I officially found out that I’m a Changeling.  (In other words, I found out why I have a crazy claw.)  We are all now on the lookout for my hag mother who is apparently searching for me.  She wants to turn me into a hag so I can carry on her baby-eating ways!  My fellow adventurers had a ‘private’ conversation about me and essentially concluded that they were going to kill me if they needed to.  Nice.
  • Xavster’s weapon has a female Russian accent when it “speaks” to him – it’s awesome.
  • The first town we investigated for the trial was called Morast but we insisted on pronouncing it ‘more ass’.  The jokes never got old and we continue to speak fondly of Morass.  In fact, I’m giggling right now thinking about it because I’m twelve.
  • We found the disembodied face of a bounty hunter in a swamp near Morast.  Which yeah, gross.  Occasionally we like to hold it up for other townsfolk and ask “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN”.  It’s sick really.
  • Our entire first conversation with the beast involved him uttering only these phrases in response to our questions:
    • “I DIDN’T DO IT.”
    • “I didn’t dooo it.”
    • “I….didn’t do it.”
    • “Mar-rawrrrr-aaaaaa” (The name of our Halfling)

   In other words it was an incredibly productive conversation.

  • Speaking of our Halfling, she decided to “make friends” with the Beast.  After slipping through the bars of his cell, she fed him rations (making all the appropriate saves so he didn’t bite off her hands).  And later on, she went to his cell and comforted him while the rest of us did some recon.  We came back to find her napping in his lap.  Part of me can’t believe this courtship is happening, but part of me can’t wait to see where it goes.

The picture I drew of Marora comforting the Beast. They have a real connection.

  • We also spent an incredibly long time trying to decide if it was ethical to dig up the dead bodies of the children who were killed in Hergstag.  Ultimately, we did because we decided we could use them as evidence and dropped them off at court on our way back into town.  Always keepin’ it classy.
  • Oh, and I intimidated some nice old ladies on the outskirts of town with my creepy claw.  I’m such a gentleman.

Overall, it’s been really fun!  Savage Tide has also been kicking major booty.  There’s just not enough time in my days to recap everything.  I think I want to start recording our games because each of our sessions go on at least three or four hours.  Plus, there’s so much hilarious commentary that happens I can never remember it all.  I’m gonna get working on that.  I may even invest in getting a nice voice recorder.  Ooh la la.



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  1. This recap is amazing… I LOVE that picture!!!! If you can render one of me in his lap… curled up like a cat I would frame it. ♥

    Also… that is the SAME face I make when I’m being Terraria’d. I love you so much I could explode.

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