Carrion Crown: Trial of the Beast – Castle Caromarc

Carrion Crown is Pathfinder Adventure Path that consists of six parts.  We are currently in the second part titled “The Trial of the Beast”.

The rampaging abomination known as the Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured! Yet rather than destroy the monster for its countless murders and untold crimes, the city council demands the creature receive a fair trial. Upon traveling to Lepidstadt, the adventurers find themselves caught up in the anger and investigations surrounding the Beast’s judgment. Soon it’s up to them to discover whether the legendary monster is truly a killer or merely the instrument of some greater evil—and either way, whether it’s too dangerous to be allowed to survive. –

I play as Wren, a cleric from a noble family who left her home searching for answers about who and what she was.   A chance encounter with the Professor Lorrimor in the forests of Redleaf brought me to where I am now.  The companions accompanying me on my journey are:

The End of the Beast’s Trial

Our Carrion Crown adventures have taken us to some pretty awesome places, pitted us against intense creatures, and presented us with disgusting revelations.  And really, the story just keeps getting better.  When we last left off, I was telling you about how Marora was starting a beautiful friendship with the beast and we were hot on the trail of the actual culprits.   To make a long story short – we made the beast cry (for evidence), talked to the decapitated head of a doctor, and made a blind man see.  Marora did a fantastic job playing defense lawyer and we brought justice to Lepistadt.  A large fight ensued in the courtroom once the criminals were found out – lots of blood and gore.  They didn’t stand a chance.  After proving the beast was innocent, our most recent adventure found us trailing him through the woods to his “father’s” house.  He explicitly told us not to follow so obviously we waited about 45 minutes and then took off after him.

I think this pretty accurately depicts the bear we encountered.

Granted, part of why we’re following him is because the entire town of Lepidstat has turned into an angry mob that wants to kill him.  So much for justice.  And even though I have extremely awesome diplomacy rolls, my sweet talkin’ just didn’t do the trick.  Our only option was to hop on our horses and valiantly gallop into the woods.  On the way we only managed to run into a bear that Zin, Otyrl, and Marora decimated.  Xavster (not wanting to be left out of the fun) made sure to smear the bears entrails across the dirt road to freak out the mob that was following us.  Otyrl’s wolf, Wolf Ryker, also enjoyed the fruits of the kill.  I kept my hands clean.  That bear was totally innocent.

So this is Castle Caromarc…

Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves at Castle Caromarc, the place the beast had told us his father lived.  It was beautiful.  A roaring waterfall filled what would have been eerie silence.  Our awe over the magnificent architecture was cut short by trolls and troll hounds who awaited us at the gatehouse to the castle.  It was a pretty intense battle and I ended up healing my comrades for the majority of it running up and down the towers to touch them.  Sexy.  After the harrowing fight, we tried to communicate with some goblins who were no help at all.  We did however manage to find that the Whispering Way crew must be playing some part in all of this indicated by the necklace one of the goblins was wearing.  Tired from our journey and multiple troll fights, we set up camp in the woods to ready ourselves for whatever awaited us the next day.  We figured that if the mob reached the castle, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

The next day we arose, donned our armor and headed back to the gatehouse.  It was as we left it – rotting troll corpses, blood stains across the floor, and no sign of the mob.  Not seeing any reason to linger here, we proceeded across the stone bridge that was behind the house (defeating some kind of hound that was blocking the way) to a set of double iron doors.  Otyrl checked the door for traps and not finding any, decided to break in.  Marora and Otyrl did an excellent job of picking the lock but before they could celebrate, a large whooshing sound came from behind the group.

Whoosh. Waz up playahs? I'm an air elemental, biatch!

An air elemental had appeared behind us and it was pissed.  (So much for trap checking.)  It attacked Marora and Otyrl first easily dealing damage.  Most everyone sought shelter in the hall through the now open doors except for our Barbarian, Zin who heroically swung her axe wildly in the air.  I debated running back to the gatehouse but decided it was a bad idea to go alone.  Everyone else joined Zin and rained down damage on the air elemental.  But before we could kill the insanely huge monster outside the doors, a large creature emerged from under the stairs in the great hall to attack Otyrl (because he’s just so pretty).  Needless to say, my role as cleric in these fights quickly turned into healer.

Something like this.

Both our Barbarian and Urban Ranger took heavy damage from these foes, but ultimately we defeated them.  (Thankfully the first enemy was close to death so we were able to handle the second one a little easier.)  I blasted out some major positive energy bringing everyone back up to full or almost-full health.  We decided to search the house and in doing so found some unusual things.  It looked as though people had been here recently, very recently.  Pots remained on the stove, jackets were hung in the entry way, and signs of life were all around but no one was to be found.  We deduced that we must’ve missed something – there had to be a secret door somewhere.

Our DM pretty much hated us during this time.

I was convinced the locked door on the balcony was suspicious.  It wasn’t.  After searching the house for a good four or five hours (which included a clean sweep of the fireplace and closets), we finally managed to find a secret door.  It was located in the most obvious place that we had suspected all along.  Definitely not one of our best moments in the game.

Pretty much a collective one of these.

We proceeded through the door into the next hall wherein we encountered some rust monsters.  I’m not going too in-depth on this fight as we defeated these monsters quickly.  None of us were really harmed or affected by these creatures except for Zin’s Axe.  She immediately cried out in horror but I set her fears aside by mending her axe before we moved on.  (You’re welcome, Zin.)


The Waterfall and The Erinye

The room we were in had an enormous hole in the wall with a large rope bridge hanging across between us and another building.  Below the bridge was a 200ft drop into rushing water with a waterfall just downstream.  This bridge looked like it was going to be much more difficult to cross than the last one.  We decided it would be best to send our nimble ninja, Marora out first.  She easily made her acrobatics check out to the middle of the bridge but her joyful antics were interrupted by the howls of an Erinye.  Marora looked up in horror as the creature fired flaming arrows through her chest and abdomen.  With our ninja heavily damaged and hanging on by a thread, we prepared ourselves to fight.

Marora quickly retreated back behind the group to my side for cover and healing while Otyrl took a few shots at the creature.  With the majority of us unable to make a decent attack against the airborne Erinye, I decided to postpone my healing of Marora and cast fly on our Barbarian Zin.  Zin took off in a gust of moment at the flaming devil creature, but unskilled at the art of flying plummeted 60 ft before she reached her.   I healed Marora so she would be ready to fight again and she in turn went invisible to ready herself for the next attack.  But before Zin could gain her bearings, the Erinye opened fire rendering her unconscious, bleeding to death, and plummeting into the rushing waters below.

Panicked by the sight of our Barbarian getting her ass handed to her, we reacted quickly.  Otyrl continued to fire a steady stream of arrows at the flying she-monster while Xavster tried to cast glitterdust to blind her.  We needed our Barbarian to win this fight.  Understanding the severity of our situation, I took a running jump off the edge of the building to try and save her.  On my way down I cast channel positive energy to stabilize her wounds and stop her bleeding to death.  She was still floating downstream and there was no way I was going to catch her before she went over.  I summoned up the energy to lift my hands out of the water and cast stone shape at the very edge of the waterfall.  Smooth stone jutted up from the rushing water and blocked Zin’s path.  Her body gently bumped up against the small enclosure and seemed to stay put.  I tried to guide myself in the direction of the stone and slammed up against the wall taking some damage as the water forcefully kept pushing me forward.

I'd like to think my flying leap looked as awesome as this.

The fight continued on up top as Otyrl and Xavster kept up their attacks.  Marora, not wanting to be useless in the fight, decided that she was going to attempt to attack the Erinye.  Her plan was to pull off an insanely difficult acrobatic maneuver using some of her ki points.   Making her way to the edge of the enclosure she took a flying leap through the air and tumbled toward the Erinye. Caught off guard by the sight of a halfling appearing out of thin air, the Erinye didn’t have time to react as Marora plunged her wakizashi into the devil creature’s side before dropping the 200 ft into the rushing water below.  Marora then floated down to where Zin and I were pushed up against the stone wall.  I placed my hand on Zin’s shoulder and cast cure moderate wounds.  Zin’s eyes fluttered open as she coughed up water and regained her bearings.  With ‘fly’ still in effect, Zin placed Marora on her back and took off back towards the Erinye hovering far above the stream.

My reaction to all of that.

Up top, the creature had focused her attention on Xavster and Otyrl.  Despite an excellent showing by Otyrl, three flaming arrows pierced his armor and he dropped to the ground unconscious.  Seeing his companion in danger, Wolf Ryker immediately ran to Otyrl and nuzzled up against his limp body.  On the way back up, Marora grabbed for whatever she could find on Zin to help heal her.  By chance she found a ‘Cure Moderate Wounds’ potion that she quickly fed to Zin during their flight.  I remained pressed against my rock barrier watching the fight from below, unable to do anything more.  Luckily, Zin finally made her way all the way back to the Erinye and in an enormous rage, took one swing and sliced the creature in half.  The Erinye’s lifeless body fell down into the river.  As her posessions floated down stream, I was able to latch on to her firebow but couldn’t reach her sword.  Zin came flying down and tried to find the sword over the waterfall without any success.  On her way back up, she plucked me from my rock structure and flew me back to our companions.  I healed everyone as much as I could and then we decided to rest.


This was by far another one of my favorite moments.  I love when unexpected and exciting things happen and we all have to improvise.  Zin was very close to being all the way dead and Otyrl came pretty darn close too.  Who knew the flying lady would cause such a stir?  Overall, there was a lot of good team work and I’m enjoying my shift into primarily being a healer in these big fights.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

All drawings were done by me.  Please don’t steal them and say you drew them.  They’re not good at all.  Why would you do that?



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5 responses to “Carrion Crown: Trial of the Beast – Castle Caromarc

  1. Ross

    I could watch that cat-jumping gif for hours. Oh, also, your stories are so much more awesome than the dnd paperbacks I read as a pimpled adolescent. Mostly ’cause of the illustrations.

  2. DM Kacy

    Also worth mentioning that the Erinyes totally criticalled for 3x damage on Zin in the round that she dropped her. 3d8+18+1d6 is pretty painful turns out. Great writeup Meghann, this is your best one yet! Looking forward to seeing more of these.

  3. Zin

    Can I say that I am not as dramatic (even about my beloved axe) as that Boy Meets Word gif. Just sayin’

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