Carrion Crown: Wake of the Watcher – Illmarsh is Nasty Sauce

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything and even longer since I’ve spoken to the outside world about Dungeons and Dragons.  UNACCEPTABLE.  Let’s not waste any time and begin with a few quick updates:

  • Carrion Crown is still going strong.  We usually play every week if not every other week.  We’re all at level 10 right now and have encountered some whack-a-doo stuff.
  • Savage Tide has been on hiatus since April 2012 but we started up last week with a new player joining the crew.  Yes, this means my body shall feel the sweet embrace of Lady Lavinia once again.
  • Our DnD hosts purchased me some Habanero Tabasco sauce for Christmas.  This is important because I regularly eat enchiladas or quesadillas during our games.  The sauce was running out.  I’m relieved.

Sadly, I have kept you all in the dark during the entire third part of our story which centered on werewolves.  To make it up to you, I’ll give you some highlights:

  • Otyrl became enamored with a game hunter named Delgros and spent a large portion of time trying to get into said game hunter’s pants.
  • There was a drunk guy hanging around in Ascanor Lodge who was a terrible poet and total asshole.  We stole his poetry and threatened to draw with sharpie all over his face when he passed out.
  • A creepy guy named Percy had the hots for our barbarian, Zin.  He said weird stuff about rats.
  • We watched a lady wolf eat another wolf’s heart.  It was weird – I think everyone felt uncomfortable about that.
  • Our group received the worst Tarot reading ever.  Our DM commented on what terrible luck it was to get such awful omens.  We’ll see how that plays out.

Yup.  That about sums it up.  However my goal from here on out is to give you full updates about Wake of the Watcher.  We’re quite a ways in which means I have plenty of material to share with you.  So, our first installment:

Carrion Crown is a Pathfinder Adventure Path that consists of six parts.  When last we spoke, we were finishing up the second part titled “The Trial of the Beast” and traipsing through Castle Caromarc.  A lot has happened since then and we are currently in the fourth part titled “Wake of the Watcher”.

Location:  Illmarsh – an ugly swamp town that smells like poop.
Mission: We have followed a member of the Whispering Way to Illmarsh.  Our quest to defeat the death cultists continues as we try to make sense of why anyone would come to this nasty ass town.  We only know that the Whispering Way galloped in this direction, otherwise we have no other information.

A collective one of these is appropriate.

As we step into town, the streets are mostly empty and there’s no sign that anything is amiss aside from the inescapable stench of Illmarsh.  The five of us exchange uncomfortable and puzzled looks and, unsure of where to go, decide it’s probably best to check out the local pub.  The pub (also known as The Bountiful Catch Inn) is littered with locals who eye us suspiciously and carry the characteristic scent of swamp people.  I stroll up to the bar and try to charm the pants off the bartender kindly asking about the dark rider who may have come into town.  My diplomacy skills and charming personality are useless here as the bartender spits in my face and tells me I’m ugly.  Swallowing my pride, I do what any self-respecting person would do – I give him money for ale and request a room for the night.  Meanwhile, my companions are also chatting up other patrons in the bar and find out that three other folks are staying at the inn.  One of those is the newest visitor to town and his name is Lucas.  After compiling details of what he looks like, we decide to do some reconnaissance work and head upstairs to our room.

You could say this was the look on my face after the bartender called me ugly and stuff…but I just wanted an excuse to put grumpy cat in this post.

Once inside, Zin asks how we’re supposed to find out the identities of the patrons in the other rooms.  I suggest we go door to door and ascertain their identities at which point Marora, our ninja, chimes in with a plan.  Marora decides to go invisible and knock on the doors and see who answers without having to actually speak to anyone.  The rest of us shrug, unable to think of anything better and decide to wait in the room.  What proceeds is a fun and wholly uneventful series of events.  As our ninja sneakily knocks and watches, the patrons of two of the rooms answer, look confused, say hello, and shut their doors.  This happens a number of times as the patrons get increasingly paranoid and irritated at the phantom knocking.  Despite having a good look at the men who answer the door, Marora can’t really figure out if they’re Lucas or not with the limited information we’ve been given.  Fortunately, the last door Marora knocks on remains unanswered.  She quickly picks the lock and rushes into the room.  Finding no one in there, she does a quick search and climbs the rafters to prepare for the occupant’s return.

Another collective one of these.

The rest of us are growing impatient waiting for Marora and realize she’s probably found something.  Zin and I decide to head downstairs to bravely try some dinner and drink some ale.  As we sit in a booth and try to not draw too much attention to ourselves, we see some lights approaching in the distance.  Becoming slightly panicked and realizing we can’t retreat to our rooms, we stay put hoping to play it cool.  The lights get closer and the sound of muffled voices can be heard outside.  All eyes shift to the door as it bursts open and a tall, gruff man enters his eyes locked on the two of us.

We don’t have the whole team here. WHAT IF A FIGHT HAPPENS?

He identifies himself as Sheriff Anders and informs us that we’re to go with him to see the mayor.  Darn locals.  Zin and I, seeing that we’re outnumbered, decide to comply with his wishes.  We head upstairs to grab our companions and attempt to leave Marora where she is.  As we head back down the bartender adds that he remembers us coming in with a smaller creature.  The four of us weave a tale about how Marora went for a walk even though nobody saw her leave.  Otyrl chimes in that Marora only likes entering and exiting through windows.  We all nod in agreement that she’s kind of weird and probably out on the town.  Nobody is buying the story.

Something like this.

Meanwhile, Marora hears the four of us head downstairs and the ensuing commotion prompts her to climb out the window.  She sneakily scales down the wall and casually walks across the front of the inn.  The bartender points her out and the Sheriff yells for her to get inside.  Marora pretends to not hear the Sheriff and continues on her walk.  Agitated, the Sheriff calls for her again until Marora acknowledges him and plays dumb.  Everyone is annoyed at this point and starts to threaten her with violence.  This town hates us.  Eventually Marora complies and we surrender.  They forcefully escort us out of the inn and take us to the mayor.  And thus begins our adventure in Illmarsh!

That’s the simple set up so far.  Many adventures have followed that include so. much. horror.  You just wait.


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