Carrion Crown: Wake of the Watcher – Lucas Doesn’t Look Good

Carrion Crown is a Pathfinder Adventure Path that consists of six parts.  We are currently in the fourth part titled “Wake of the Watcher”.

Location: Illmarsh and The Temple of Umberlee
Mission: Find out why peeps are disappearing in Illmarsh and what’s up with the crazy sea-god worshiping cult at the temple.

Our visit with the mayor is nothing to write home about.  He is merely a catalyst for propelling us forward and providing purpose for our time in this godforsaken town.  He is a real creep though, like everyone else in Illmarsh, and I’m pretty sure he was into me.

Essentially the mayor tells us that a bunch of people have gone missing and he believes it has something to do with the church in town.  We agree to check it out in exchange for bountiful coin.  Besides, the mayor seems to be the only person in town who doesn’t want to spit in our food or make us feel crappy about ourselves.  (We thrive under positive reinforcement.)  Does this make us heroes?  Yes.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

Later that evening, we decide to check out the church and head to that side of town.  Marora tries to peek in some of the windows but doesn’t observe anything particularly suspicious.  All she can tell is the church is dedicated to some underwater sea god as a mermaid with tentacles hangs at the front.  We all shrug at each other and open the doors.  Inside two men are meditating in a large room and turn around as we noisily enter.  We try to talk to them but they look at us with angry eyes and tell us to “GET OUT.”  Further conversations make them even madder so we reluctantly leave the church.  After a brief chat outside, we all decide the guys inside are stupid and they can’t tell us what to do so we go back in.  What follows is a blood bath where we slaughter everyone residing in or visiting the church.  Keepin’ it classy.  NOBODY TELLS US NO.  Sometimes you gotta slay a whole village to feel good about yourself.

Pretty much this.

Along the way we find a bunch of villagers who are being held captive next to a bloody sacrificial room.  We leave them be while we clear out the rest of the church.  Unfortunately, the villagers end up smack dab in the middle of our fight.  One of the cultists engulfs the room in an ice storm, taking out every last one of the captives.  We quickly take care of the cultists and our crew looks around awkwardly as I release some positive energy to stabilize and revive everyone.  Whoops, our bad.  We ask one of the villagers what’s going on and he explains that the “neighbors” take their daughters to the next town over.  I’m oversimplifying this.  It was a little more (read: a lot more) in-depth than that but either way, it sounds fishy.  Get it?  GOD I’M FUNNY.

Another one of these. They happen so often.

(I need to interrupt this recapping session to talk about how much Zin – our friend Jen – hates cats.  Naturally, we all like to bring this up as much as possible.  Our Ranger Otyrl is particularly motivated at terrorizing Zin going so far as to take Cat’s Grace as a spell just so he can cast it on her.  The rest of us in turn make pawing motions at her and meow BECAUSE WE’RE THE COOLEST PEOPLE YOU KNOW.  So, when one of the cultists dropped a tiara, Zin insisted on wearing it as a battle trophy.  Otyrl immediately crowed her Princess Kitty Meow Meow which is now her nickname any time Cat’s Grace is cast upon her.)

Bleak Cat

If Zin were a cat looking at her own reflection.

One important plot point in all of this is that we found Lucas – the Whispering Way rider’s – decapitated body with a note in one of the side rooms.  It mentioned something about going to an old house but I don’t quite remember how we figured out what old house it was referring to.  So, somehow we started our journey toward the House of Undiomede to find out more about the “neighbors”.

More to come in my next recapping session including how I ask if every room is ‘water damaged’ because I’m hilarious like that.


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  1. Just checked this blog for the first time in FOREVER…. good to see you back(ish)! I’ll admit that I haven’t been very good at blogging lately, but am going to start a new blog once I move into my new diggs.

    Drop me an e-mail…

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