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Tierra De Lobos – Isabel and Cristina: Season 2 Best Moments Part 1

So, Season 2 of Tierra de Lobos is over.  (Cue the fainting, sobbing, etc) While across the world we’re all mourning the loss of a regular Crisabel storyline on our televisions and computers, I thought I’d provide you with some fangirl recaps to help get you through this trying time.  Below are pictures (and animated gifs) of some of my favorite moments from this past season.  (In no particular order of course.  No way am I being the one to rank these moments – I don’t have the brain space to do that…but feel free to do so!)

Episode 2×02

Isabel catches Cristina bathing while searching for Rosa and we officially find out that she’s definitely attracted to ladies. (Read as a collective cheer across the world.)  Turns out Anibal was just a lesbro AS WE ALL ALREADY KNEW.  Duh.


Some of the most awesome parts about this scene:

  • First and foremost, look at dem eyes!
  • Cristina knows Isabel is watching her but continues bathing anyways.  I think we can safely say this is where her seduction of Isabel began. Lady was thinkin’ on her feet (and with her bod-ay).
  • Isabel is straight up staring at Cristina and when she’s caught, she barely reacts.  She just walks away.

She’s a mother effin’ Lobo, son. Continue reading



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Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×13: Cristina’s Life is Threatened…Again.

When last we met, romance all around!  Well, and danger too.  Cristina, Nieves, and Almudena rescued Isabel from the convent and rode off into the forest on their mighty steeds.  There was a lot of uncertainty in the air, but we know Isabel and Cristina are hiding out in the brothel (in Tierra de Lobos) until they can figure out what to do next.

The Set-Up

One of the nuns (from the convent no less) shows up with some “news” for Senor Lobo.  They speak privately and Nieves watches nervously from the courtyard.  Mmmm girl – you in trouble.  Elena notices that Nieves is visibly distressed and asks her what’s wrong and Nieves is like, “STFU peon” but without actually saying any words.

Strangers in the niiiight, exchanging glances...

(You know…the two of them – that’s almost a ship I kind of want to set sail on.  Just for the drama of it all.  Is that weird?)

Lobo lets Nieves know that Isabel has escaped the convent.  He’s clearly trying to get answers from her or trying to get her to confess.  While they are speaking, the nun is having an intense staring contest with Nieves.  (Seriously, watch that scene – her face never changes.)  I don’t blame her.  In fact, I would volunteer to deliver news to the Lobo household just so I could lie for the sisters and then make them date me.  That’s how it works, right?  Eventually Elena comes to her rescue and gives her a pretty solid alibi. Continue reading


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Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×12: Escape From the Nuns and Isabel’s Coming Out Party

In 2×11 Isabel was taken to the convent, tortured, found out Cristina was still alive, beaten for it, and left a secret plea to her sisters to get her the hell out of there.  Episode 2×12 picks up with Isabel lying on the floor of her cell, almost lifeless.  The Reverend Mother and another nun enter into the room as Isabel struggles to say that she needs water.  After a brief conversation between the two nuns, it’s made clear what a dire situation Isabel is in.  The nuns don’t care if she dies at the convent and in fact see it as a viable solution to her “problem”.  Needless to say, they don’t give her water.

Even though I'm like totally dehydrated and stuff, I still manage to look super faaaabulous!

Elsewhere, Almudena and Nieves are contemplating their opportunity to free Isabel.  Lobo is sick in bed and the Lieutenant (who’s on the hunt for Felix’s murderer) are both distracted – now’s the time to act for our daring Lobo sisters.  They saddle up (literally) and take off for the convent.  The two sisters share a humorous scene before heading in where they both take a swig of some alcohol and show the Reverend Mother what’s what.  After a failed attempt to deliver a forged letter from their father, Almudena pulls a gun.  The Reverend Mother tries to play it cool, but Almudena is badass.  She won’t take no for an answer.  The nun takes them up to Isabel’s cell and they run to her side setting the gun down. Continue reading


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Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina 2×11: These nuns are ALL UP IN MAH GRILL

After last week’s forest sexy time and subsequent outing, we all knew the trip to the convent was coming and that bad things were in store for Isabel. Little did we know that they were very, very bad things.

Scene 1

Isabel is gently being led through the convent to her own private creeper, nun hell.  On the way, she makes eye contact with another “resident” who by the way, has a terrible short haircut.  Couldn’t the nuns have given her something stylish?  They really are trying to deter any sort of secret lesbian trysts.  Please don’t let that be in store for Isabel.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  Please.

I honestly think I saw some bald spots...

Eventually, Isabel ends up indoors and has three nuns surrounding her with the Reverend Mother looking on from the shadows.  Isabel can totally take down three nuns.  Fight! Fight! Fight!  No?  Oh.  The nuns begin to remove Isabel’s clothes (which I really didn’t see coming) as the head mother explains that Isabel will be taking a vow of silence and fasting until her body is free of sin.   As Isabel resists the nun exclaims:

Reverend Mother: SILENCE!  One week of fasting.  And if you speak again, I will make them cut your hair.

The look on Isabel’s face here pretty accurately describes what we’re all feeling.

Ex-squeeze me? Baking Powder?

Continue reading


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Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Five – Dad, I’m Gay…

(Note: There are a lot of animated gifs in this post.  Give your browser time to load to enjoy all the goodness.  I hope it doesn’t make your computer crash!)

Scene 1 (episode 2×08)

Tierra de Lobos is a mess right now. People are being killed left and right – all you need to know if that the army is going mother effin’ crazy and it’s dangerous. So ladies, in a situation of life or death, what do you do first? You save your girlfriend, of course! Isabel bursts into the brothel and Cristina runs up to meet her.

Cristina: What are you doing here?
Isabel: We have to go. They’re going to burn all this to the ground without asking. Come on!
Cristina: No, leave me. I’m going to stay with Rosario. (Rosario is the Madame of the brothel)
Isabel: I won’t leave you here.
Cristina: No, Isabel stop! You don’t know what I’ve done….Sebastian didn’t catch us by chance. I asked him to.

We see the look on Isabel’s face change. She’s wearing a combination of disbelief, anger, hurt, and a number of other things. Cristina continues.

Cristina: I wanted to get back at your father.

(Cristina lowers her head to the side – she really doesn’t want to tell Isabel this next part.)

I was his usual girl. He left me… And you came along. Continue reading


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Tierra de Lobos: Isabel and Cristina Part Four

Hello all you current (and future) Crisabel shippers!  Previously on Tierra de Lobos we saw that Cristina and Isabel finally gave into their so-called attraction to each other and did the deed.  But, it’s never really that simple when it comes to good television.   The shit is going DOWN right now on Tierra de Lobos so I need to catch up asap.  I’ve even included animated gifs this go around.  I love animated gifs.  So let’s the bridge the gap a bit, shall we?

Scene 1 (episode 2×07)

The scene opens with a shot of Cristina and Isabel lying in bed together.  It’s clear that the two spent the evening together and Isabel has her gaze focused on a sleeping Cristina.  (This show has the best lighting – they both just look lovely here.)  As Cristina comes to, she sees Isabel and this dialogue ensues:

Cristina: Were you watching me while I slept?
Isabel: (gently caressing Cristina’s face) I could do so for hours.


Cristina: Aren’t they expecting you at home?

Isabel and Cristina have been holding hands this whole time which you all know I love…a lot.  Isabel looks troubled at this question and changes her gaze to their hands.

Cristina: What’s up?
Isabel: My family is going through a hard time…and I feel guilty because I’ve never been so happy in my life.
Cristina: You deserve this and so much more.

Isabel smiles at this and Cristina shifts in bed and smiles back.

Cristina: Come on, give me a kiss.

And boy does she.  The two begin to make love…you know, I really hate that euphamism – “make love” but I’m not sure what else to call it.  These two are just so tender together yet at the same time, so passionate.  And look at their hair – whoever does hair, makeup, and lighting on this show deserves an award.  They’re not just having sex at this point.  This scene was very tastefully done and was just beautiful. Continue reading


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Tierra de Lobos – Isabel and Cristina Part Three

When we last spoke, I was telling you about Cristina and Isabel’s interaction at the store, Isabel’s confession to the priest, and Cristina’s (delightful) confrontation outside of Isabel’s home.  Get ready my friends because from here things speed the eff up.

Scene 1

Anibal is on the run from Captain Ugarte and his men because he’s been wrongly accused of blowing up the gunpowder station.  (I know that’s vague, but we’re focusing on these two ladies. Haha)  Isabel, being the awesome person that she is and sure of Anibal’s innocence, decides to go to the brothel to confront Ugarte and tell him to call off the search.  He doesn’t (but we appreciate her attempts anyway!)  She’s so valiant.  However, this puts Isabel in hot water:

Ugarte: I will count to five and if you don’t disappear, I will arrest you.

Look at that intense stare.

He begins to count and keeps a firm grasp on Isabel the entire time.  At the count of five he releases her and laughs.  Isabel stands in place for a moment and Ugarte signals for his men to arrest her.  She takes off down the hallway in the brothel with the soldiers chasing her.  Desperately searching the corridor for an escape, Isabel looks like she’s about to be caught when Cristina steps into the hallway out of her room and pulls Isabel in.  She locks the door and pins Isabel against it signaling her to be quiet.

Cristina: Wait, there is a window at the back.
(with the most gentle eyes EVER) No…I don’t want to get you into trouble. Continue reading


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